Parents Mobilize as Culture War Rages

By Chris Wright, 10/27/22

A flood of recent field reports shows the nationwide attempted hijacking of the nation’s school children by the Gay Gestapo and Transgender-Industrial Complex has kicked into in high gear. 

It’s been reported in recent weeks a book turned up in an Oklahoma middle school instructing kids in the fine arts of anilingus, cunnilingus, and sexual intercourse.  Except it didn’t use those terms.  It used the vulgar vernacular that can’t be repeated here, instead.  Excuse me? 

Democrat lawmakers want to make it felony child abuse for parents to stand in the way of sex change drugs and surgery for their minor children.  Excuse me?  

The CDC – your federal government all hepped up on Democrat control – handed out $85 million in grants requiring schools to start LGBT support groups.  Excuse me? 

That’s just a small sample of what’s going on out there.  But today I want to focus on the most recent developments in how parents are fighting back. 

Twenty parents spoke out at a school board meeting against the “Queerest Free Halloween Party for Youth & Families” planned at an elementary school near San Diego.  A hundred more cheered them on.  The party is sponsored by a sex-change surgery center and a gay bar – the Gay Gestapo and Transgender-Industrial Complex in action.  The party is to feature a ‘family-friendly’ drag show, as if there is such a thing.  One mother called school board members “groomers and activist pimps”.   She’s a domestic terrorist, according to our esteemed Democrat Attorney General.  I’ll tell you who the real domestic terrorists are:  the Gay Gestapo and Transgender-Industrial Complex who are attempting to destroy children and break down the country into nothingness, using sex to do it in true communist fashion.  They are the subversive ones.  It’s no accident communist theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich ushered in the sexual revolution.  It’s no accident another communist theorist Georgi Lukacs called the use of sex for these purposes “cultural terrorism”.    And it’s no accident transgender activists openly talk about using transgenderism to usher in communism.

Hundreds of parents also protested against a transgender teacher wearing gigantic fake breasts with protruding nipples at a high school in Canada.  A hundred and fifty more protested against an American Academy of Pediatrics convention in California.  That doctor’s trade association proudly stands up for “gender-affirming care” to transition minors.  That’s a euphemism for life-altering irreversible sex-change drugs and surgery for kids too young to consent to a car loan.

Some parents, not willing to stop at protesting, have pulled their kids out of schools that harp on sex, gender, and race.  Standing up for parents, 19 Republican state Attorneys General sued the Biden administration for violating state laws and exceeding its authority for acting against schools that refuse to allow transgenders into girls sports or the restrooms of their choice.  In Virginia, Governor Youngkin stayed true to the parental rights stance that got him elected and issued new model policies requiring public schools to defer to parental decision-making and to align school facilities and sports by biological sex, not gender identity.  The new policies reverse the actions of a previous Democrat-controlled legislature and are scheduled to go into effect soon.

There’s something you can do.  Moms for Liberty has created a candidate pledge affirming that “parents have that fundamental right to direct the education, the medical care, the moral and religious upbringing of their children in their character development.”  Bring the pledge to candidates in your area and ask them to sign it.  Publicize it if they won’t.   That’s one way to get involved in the fight against the Gay Gestapo and Transgender-Industrial Complex that plenty of gay and transgender adults want no part of.  Make no mistake: this is a fight to the death and it’s time to choose what side you’re on.

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