With its Woke Military, Can America Win a Future War with China?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Sun Tzu

“Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization. We the descendants of the Chinese nation are entitled to the possession of the land. We have new bio-weapons and with a surprise attack we can clean up America by killing of one or two hundred million Americans. This would make room for Chinese people to move in without despoiling the land. In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle. We will not hesitate to fight a Third World War to secure a Chinese century in which the CCP leads the world.”

General Chi Haotian CCP Minister of National Defense from 1993-2003

Map of China, Taiwan, and surrounding nations. China is illegally claiming islands and reefs which belong to U.S. allies and other nations as well as vast portions of the South and East China Seas.

China has been at war with United States for many years. But Americans have been sleeping.

Does America really know that China is an existential enemy that wants to become the sole superpower of the world? Is America aware of the immense threat that Communist China presents to the national security? Is America aware that China wants to conquer and colonize it? Is America aware that woke multinational corporations are helping China at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to do the Great Reset of capitalism and replace it with a totalitarian communist world where we will all be slaves of the globalist billionaire elite? Is America aware that President Barack Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci gave the Wuhan Institute of Virology millions to do gain-of-function research to commit genocide in the world?

China’s unrestricted bioweapons program

On July 28, 2021, Clare Lopez wrote an article titled “It’s Not About Where the Virus Escaped From: It’s About Where It was Developed” that was published by the ccnationalsecurity.org website. Lopez said that on July 20, 2021, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) wrote on his website of a meeting he had attended with a Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a medical doctor, and a Ph.D. virologist. Clare Lopez wrote an article describing how China has committed genocide against America and our allies by killing and injuring tens of millions with its lethal artificial man-made Wuhan virus.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan with great courage defected from Hong Kong to inform and warn America and the world about China’s virus weaponization program. Dr. Yan found out China’s diabolical Wuhan Lab bio-weapons program. Dr. Yan gave our government the details of the CCP’s comprehensive unrestricted bioweapons program of the Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

It is most important for the United States and the world to wake up to the immense threat posed by an unchecked bioweapons program of the Chinese Communist Party. It’s time to get tough and hold China accountable for its deadly actions.

China’s illegal Biological Weapons program violates the Biological Weapons Convention that China signed as well as the 1925 Geneva Protocol. The weaponization of viruses is included under the designation of “bioweapon.”

Dr. Yan met with Congressman Mel Brooks from Alabama, and he placed in his congressional website and the main points following of his meeting:

  • “Communist China seeks to develop a race-based bioweapon that targets and eliminates some human races while leaving other human races unharmed.”
  • “COVID-19 is a part of a larger, more comprehensive unrestricted bioweapons program of the Chinese military.”
  • “Chinese military scientists suggest that World War III would be fought with biological weapons.” The source for this statement is Communist China’s People’s Liberation Army’s official bioweapons textbook.”
  • “According to the Communist China People’s Liberation Army document, modifications to the virus are designed to appear as if they occur in nature. … The manual then calls for ‘gaslighting with unrelenting misinformation’, obfuscation and denial. According to Dr. Yan, the world is living the intentional modification, release and contrived narrative around what ultimately is an attack by the Communist Chinese Party on the entire world.”
  • “Dr. Yan confirms that the (COVID-19) virus is not from nature and that the Chinese made up the nature-origin evidence and coerced the international academic world into spreading a false narrative.”
  • “These viruses were part of the military’s curated collection as described in the People Liberation Army’s manual, for study as potential unrestricted bioweapons.”
  • “SARS-CoV-2 has been adapted in the lab to be able to infect humans using established gain-of-function processes commonly utilized throughout China.”

Clare Lopez in her article explained in May 2021, the Weekend Australian reported, that “On a 2015 document written by Chinese scientists and public health officials that openly discussed the weaponization of the SARS coronavirus titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons.”  The document “described the SARS coronavirus as among a new era of genetic weapons that can be artificially manipulated into an emerging human ­disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before.” China sends fentanyl pills to Mexican cartels and these criminals move these weapons of mass destruction pills to America thanks to Biden’s open border with Mexico. Close 100,000 Americans died by poison by taking fentanyl pills every year. And now these lethal pills are looking like candy to kill more Americans. 

China has and continuous to steal our most valuables military and industrial secrets and that of our allies by cyber-attacks. China is the leader of the World Economic Forum that works with our woke multinational corporations and globalist leaders of many nations, including United States, to do a Reset of Capitalism to bring a totalitarian communist world to enslave humanity. 

China has corrupted President Joe Biden and his family, members of Congress and governors of both parties, and business and media elites as described in many books by Peter Schweizer, such as Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Two important books describe China’s desire to become the sole superpower in the world. Michael Pillbury’s The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower and Rush Doshi’s China’s Grand Strategy to Displace American Order. We must improve our military ASAP or prepared to become a slave of China and it’s allies.


Chinese dictator Xi Jinping will receive a third five-year appointment as General Secretary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and his territorial ambitions and aggressive foreign policy are the biggest threat to the freedom of the world and to our national security

On October 16, 2022, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, age 69, gave a speech of one hour and 45 minutes at the opening ceremony of the 20th National Congress of China’s ruling Communist Party to about 2,000 delegates held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

At the end of the XX National Congress, Xi will receive five more years as General Secretary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, as well as head of the country’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). He probably will be named “Party Chairman,” a title previously given only to the bloody tyrant Mao Zedong, who ruled the People’s Republic of China for 27 years after its founding in 1949. Xi basically will become a dictator for life.

On October 16, 2022, Xi Jinping said that he wants a faster military improvement and announced no change in policies with America. He also tightened the ruling Communist Party’s control over society and the economy. Xi declared that “the next five years will be crucial…and the PLA needs to safeguard China’s dignity and core interests.” Xi said referring to a list of territorial claims and other issues over which Beijing says it is ready to go to war.

“We will work faster to modernize military theory, personnel and weapons,” Xi said. “We will enhance the military’s strategic capabilities.” China is actively working to extend its reach by developing improved ballistic missiles, aircraft carriers, and overseas bases. Xi explained that his government’s severe “Zero-COVID” strategy will continue. This inhumane policy has shut down major cities, starved and sometimes killed its citizens, and disrupted travel and business.

Under Xi’s dictatorial and oppressive rule, the Communist Party has increased censorship of media and the internet with the help of U.S. Big Tech. It has increased public surveillance and imposed a digital dictatorship tightened through its “social credit” initiative that tracks individuals and punishes those who oppose the bloody regime.

Xi said Beijing refuses to renounce the possible use of force against Taiwan, the self-ruled island democracy that the Communist Party claims as its territory. The two sides split in 1949 after a civil war. Beijing has stepped up efforts to intimidate Taiwanese by flying fighter jets and bombers toward the island. “We will continue to strive for peaceful reunification,” Xi said. “But we will never promise to renounce the use of force. And we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary.” A military invasion of Taiwan could bring a war with the United States and its allies.

Taiwan stated that its 23 million people had the right to determine their own future and would not accept China’s demands. Taiwan called on China to “abandon the imposition of a political framework and the use of military force and coercion.” Beijing is creating major conflicts with Japan, India, and other Southeast Asian nations over its illegal claims to the South China and East China Seas and a section of the Himalayas. The United States, Japan, Australia, and India have formed a strategic group dubbed the Quad in response.

China’s faces enormous criticism over mass detentions and other abuses against mostly Muslim ethnic groups and the jailing of government critics. Amnesty International warned that extending Xi’s time in power will be a “disaster for human rights.”

China is clearly testing the Biden regime. America declared its support for Taiwan. The State Department has repeatedly said it was concerned by China’s “pattern of ongoing attempts to intimidate its neighbors, including Taiwan.” “We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives.”

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has improved the island’s defenses purchasing billions of dollars in U.S. weapons, including upgraded F-16 fighter jets, armed drones, rocket systems and Harpoon missiles capable of hitting both ships and land targets. She has improved the defense of her nation by building new submarines to counter China’s enormous and expanding fleet.

Taiwan and China separated after the Nationalist government and army were defeated by the communists under Mao Zedong in a bloody civil war in 1949. They found refuge in Taiwan. China has always claimed that Taiwan, a prosperous capitalist, and democratic nation of more than 24 million, as a part of China. Beijing has stated many times that it is determined to bring the island under its control by a military invasion if necessary.

Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China (ROC) and lies about 100 miles across the Taiwan Strait off the coast of southeastern China. In addition to the main island, the ROC has over 22 islands in the Taiwan group and 64 islands to the west in the Pescadores archipelago. Two island Matsu and Quemoy are just off the coast of China’s Fukien province.

The United States changed diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979 but is legally required to help Taiwan to defend itself from a military invasion by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In spite to the proper response by the Biden regime on China’s war planes provocation and intimidation, Taiwan is in a clear and present danger of being invaded by Communist China now that the cognitive-impaired Joe Biden is president. China may feel that it may get away with a military takeover of Taiwan since it has given millions to Joe, Hunter, and other members of the family. Mitch McConnell’s father-in-law is a billionaire who runs transportation with the Chinese regime and has given him millions. China has given funds or lucrative business deals to other politicians.

China has stolen by cyberattacks America’s best military and industrial secrets and technology as well as that of America’s allies. It has filled America with spies and works with many Communist organizations in America, including our best universities, to advance Beijing’s agenda. China unleashed the Wuhan virus upon America and the world without any push back and with complete impunity.

China believes America is a declining power since it has gotten away with interfering in the 2020 election to defeat President Donald J. Trump. John Ratcliffe’s Intelligence Report accused China and other enemy nations of stealing the election. China thinks the Biden administration is weak and will not defend Taiwan. The Biden regime’s debacle in the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan leaving behind Americans and $85 billion of our best weapons has emboldened China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. If America allows China to militarily conquer Taiwan, America ceases to be a superpower and China will rule the world!

Dictator Xi Jinping was born on June 15, 1953. For five more years he will continue to be the General Secretary of the Communist party of China, President of the People’s Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. He has taken direct command of the PLA with the title of Commander-in-Chief. Xi is sometimes referred to as China’s “Paramount Leader.”

Dictator Xi Jinping was born on June 15, 1953. He will continue to be for five more years the General Secretary of the Communist party of China, President of the People’s Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. He has taken direct command of the PLA with the title of Commander-in- Chief. Xi is sometimes referred to as China’s “Paramount Leader.”

Xi has made himself the most powerful dictator of China since the bloody tyrant Mao Zedong. Like Mao, he has created a “cult of personality” with songs written to him as well as a book with his writings titled The Thoughts of Chairman Xi. China’s dictator does not tolerate any criticism of his regime and has sent to prison and concentration camps many opponents. He does not tolerate a free press or freedom of religion. Xi assaults Christian churches, incarcerates Christians, and oppresses Muslims. He is exercising imperialism in the East and South China Seas, which is provoking a serious confrontation with the United States and its allies. Xi Jinping has revamped the armed forces into a smaller and more lethal force capable of projecting power far away from China. One objective is to push the United States away from the East and South China Seas.

China’s territorial and maritime disputes with its neighboring countries

China is in violation of international law by claiming islands and reefs that belong to U.S. allies and other nations as well as vast portions of the South and East China Seas. Beijing is implementing a more aggressive and assertive foreign policy since 2010. The People’s Republic of China is engaging in territorial and maritime disputes with its neighboring countries.

In addition to claiming all of Taiwan, China has been involved in many other international territorial disputes with India, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. China is claiming ownership of several small islands in the East and South China seas as well as the airspace. In the East China Sea, China is claiming ownership over the Japanese Senkaku Islands (called Diaoyu in China).

China has claimed 90% sovereignty of the entire South China Sea, which includes Paracel and the Spratly islands. The waters around these small islands and rocks in the East China Sea and the South China Sea are known to have enormous reserves of oil and gas.

China is violating international law and the United Nations Law of the Seas Treaty which it signed. The U.N. treaty gives nations an “exclusive economic zone” that expands 200 nautical miles from their coastline, with the rights to resources in the water or under the seabed.

China is drilling oil and gas close to the coast of Vietnam in violation of the treaty and sending its fishing fleet. It is also harassing Vietnamese ships.

Incredibly, China is claiming ownership of almost the entire maritime and space of the South China Sea. Beijing has seen the response of the United States to its new imperialism–the so-called “pivot” and later known as “rebalancing”–as an attempt to contain Chinese power. China wants to push the United States Navy further out into the Western Pacific.

The Threat from China is Real

On January 2, 2021, D.W. Wilber wrote an article titled “The China Threat is Real and Upon us” that was published by Townhall.com. Wilber reminded us that over 20 million Chinese were assassinated and tens of thousands were tortured and sent to prison during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. What were their crimes? Having independent thoughts and not agreeing with the policies of the Chinese Communist Party.

Two years after the death of the mass-murderer and bloody dictator Mao, the new Chinese Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping dismantled Mao’s Cultural Revolution policies that had led to so much bloodshed. He began to implement economic reforms that helped China recover from the damage done by the Communist regime during the Cultural Revolution.

D.W. Wilber stated the following: “Today the Chinese economy is one of the strongest in the world, and China’s military is one of the worlds’ largest, and is also well equipped. China has gone full speed ahead to try to gain any economic and military advantage that it could by stealing Western technology at an unprecedented rate… China’s Intelligence service has infiltrated every corner of American life. Politics, academia, the news media. They are very active on college campuses, and not only involved in academic pursuits but are also involved in stirring up dissent and recruiting impressionable young minds… Many colleges and universities are involved in government research work which the Chinese have been successful at gaining access to, through willing participants from the research and academic community involved in these government projects. Many have been recruited by and are cooperating with and providing information and program access to the Chinese Intelligence service. The research which costs the U.S. government billions of dollars in funding is quickly stolen by the Chinese Intelligence for a negligible cost.”

It has been widely reported how Communist China recruit American politicians. Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein from California, who served as Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had a Chinese spy working as a chauffeur/assistant for over 20 years while her husband did lucrative business in China. Congressman Eric Swalwell, who is serving in the House Intelligence Committee, had a Chinese spy woman as a lover for several years who fund-raised money for his campaigns. But there are many other politicians from both parties who have received funds and other favors from the Chinese Communist Party as well.

Wilber pointed out how China has worked with ANTIFA, BLM, and other U.S. communist organizations. China will continue their efforts to destroy America from within.

Wilber ended his article by stating the following: “Make no mistake about it, Communist China is ‘all in’ on this effort. They have crossed a line and there’s no turning back for them. To do so would be to admit defeat and lose face. China believes that they are getting close, and that victory is within their grasp. With a Biden very incompetent regime, China may well be correct.  And one day not long after, America may also experience its own ‘cultural revolution’.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping doing a toast. The Biden family is a world-wide criminal family and has taken millions from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, among other nations. President Biden needs to be impeached and his son Hunter indicted.

Biden is Giving China Everything It Wants

On February 1, 2021, the Daily Wire News published an article called “China Analysts: Giving China Everything It Wants.” Fox News Maria Bartiromo anchor of “Sunday Morning Futures” interviewed two China policy analysts, Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and Dr. Jonathan Ward, founder of the Atlas Organization and author of China’s Vision of Victory. Both analysts stated that Communist China is going to be “quite aggressive” toward the United States because the Chinese regime believes that Beijing will surpass America and do not see President Joe Biden as a tough opponent.

Gordon Chang said “Well, Biden right now — the Chinese are testing him, but they don’t really have to lift a finger to do this, because he’s giving them everything that they want.” “We have seen this, for instance, with joining the Paris accord, rejoining the World Health Organization, his January 26 memorandum on xenophobic attacks, which he blamed President Trump for xenophobia in the United States,” Chang said. “The list goes on and on. And we have really got to be concerned, because China is looking right now and thinking it’s going to get everything,” added Chang.

Dr. Jonathan Ward said that China’s actions are rooted in their belief that they are going to surpass the U.S. “They think that they’re going to beat us in this new Cold War, or whatever we want to call it. The contest with China is one that they believe that they will win,” Dr. Ward said. “They believe that COVID-19 has put them in an advantageous position. They have said for a long time that they’re going to turn crisis into an opportunity, strengthen their position in the world economy.”

Can Taiwan survive?

On January 26, 2021, Elbridge Colby wrote an article titled “America Can Defend Taiwan” that was published in the Wall Street Journal. He wrote that over the next four years it is likely that China will try to invade Taiwan. Xi Jinping has said Taiwan must be part of China and has signaled he intends to do something about it. Colby explained Taiwan has a most important geographic position. If Taiwan is conquered, China would have immense military power throughout Asia. America’s allies Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands would all be more vulnerable to China’s military. America has for years opposed China’s belligerence toward Taiwan and sold the island billions in armaments.

If America allows Taiwan to fall it would seriously undermine America’s credibility among already Asian allies. Colby pointed out that for these reasons, the 2018 Indo-Pacific strategy specifically ordered the Pentagon to implement a defense strategy that will make the U.S. capable of defending Taiwan. But can the United States even defend Taiwan from a China that has become so powerful?

Colby stated the following: “The People’s Liberation Army is growing stronger at an astonishingly fast rate. The PLA Navy already has more ships than the U.S. Navy, its air forces are the largest in the region, and Beijing also boasts the world’s largest missile force. Beijing seeks to reach technical parity with America’s armed forces by the 2020s and surpass us by 2030. Despite all this, the answer is yes. Defeating a PLA attack would be far from easy or cheap and being ready to do so will involve wrenching changes in the U.S. and Taiwanese defense establishments. But it is doable…If China faced a sophisticated and prepared defense, especially combined with Taiwan’s resolute population that has watched Beijing bludgeon Hong Kong’s freedoms. But taking a Taiwan backed up by a well-prepared U.S. military is a far different proposition. Amphibious invasions against a capable, prepared defense are very hard.”

But the question is will President Biden and other members of his regime, who have been so compromised by China, have the will to risk a war with a stronger China over Taiwan? If the Biden regime cuts the budget of the Pentagon to pieces as the Obama-Biden administration did for several years, a weaker Armed Forces will encourage China to take over Taiwan. Additionally, all the misguided executive orders signed by President Biden in the last two years are very damaging to the economy and the national security. Sadly, if America allows China to invade and conquer Taiwan, China will become the strongest superpower in the world and America’s allies will abandon our nation and will try to accommodate as best as possible to a terrible Chinese New World Order.

U.S. Tech Transfers to Russia & China Are Suicidal

America is in grave danger as U.S. corporations and government officials sell out their country to hostile foreign powers. Lenin understood well that the free world would have to help destroy itself, and it’s happening now. “When it comes to hang capitalists, they will compete with each other to sell us the rope at a lower price,” said Soviet revolutionary and dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were involved in major technology transfer to Russia. A research facility near Moscow called Skolkovo was to be Russia’s version of Silicon Valley. The Obama administration encouraged Big Tech multinationals to invest funds and share technology with Russia. This was part of the so-called Great Reset. Cisco pledged $1 billion, Google and Intel followed.

The U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Program issued a report in 2013 about the security implications of Skolkovo. The report declared that the purpose of Skolkovo was to serve as a vehicle for worldwide technological transfer to Russia in the areas of information technology, biomedicine, energy, satellite and space technology, and nuclear technology that could be used for both civilian and the military.

Obama and Hillary Clinton pushing of technology transfer as a part of the Russian Reset was severely criticized by the FBI, the U.S. Army, and cyber security experts. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are traitors to America and guilty of dereliction of duty.

The Russian regime as in China sees technologies developed in the civilian sector as dual use, meaning that they have military applications as well. Many of those involved in Skolkovo also donated millions to the corrupt criminal enterprise of the Clinton Foundation. Later, Hillary Clinton and Obama approved the Canadian company Uranium One’s sale of 20% of uranium mines in the United Sates to Russia, which severely damaged the national security of America. Nine Uranium One shareholders donated more than $145 million to the very criminal and corrupt Clinton Foundation.

Cuba signed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with China

On December 27, 2021, Frank Fang authored an article titled “Cuba Signs Belt and Road Agreement with China” that was published by The Epoch Times. Fang explained that Cuba and China will work together on projects in several key sectors, including communications, education, health and biotechnology, science and technology, and tourism. Many nations, after not paying Chinese debts, have been forced to give China naval bases as it happened to Sri Lanka.

Cuba is very rich in minerals, and it has one of the world’s largest nickel deposits. China has been training Cuban police and military personnel to suppress anti-regime patriots. More importantly China, would like to establish naval and military bases in the island as Russia is now doing.

Frank Fang explained that Admiral (Ret.) Craig Faller, a former commander of the U.S. Southern Command, stated at a Senate hearing that China seeks to “establish global logistics and basing infrastructure in our hemisphere in order to project and sustain military power at greater distances.” “I look at this hemisphere as the front line of competition,” Faller said.

“Our influence [in this hemisphere] is eroding. … It is important that we remain engaged in this hemisphere.” At the end of the hearing Admiral Faller described the Chinese regime’s influence as “insidious,” “corrosive,” and “corrupt.” “Some examples include their pursuit of multiple port deals, loans for political leverage, vaccine diplomacy that undermines sovereignty, state surveillance I.T., and the exploitation of resources such as illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing,” Admiral Faller said.

Cuba since it is only 90 away from the United States represents a great threat to our national security. Venezuela and Nicaragua and other nations cooperating with China are also threats.

United States technology transfers to China has created a powerful existential superpower enemy

William F. Jasper wrote an article titled “China’s Tech War” that was published by The New American on December 13, 2021. He explained how China is improving its computer and missile capabilities using U.S. technology to achieve world hegemony.

Jasper said that Marine Corps General (Ret.) Arnold Punaro told Fox Business News that the hypersonic missile tests by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are “clearly a game-changer” and a breakout effort by China to “weaponize space.” Jasper pointed out that China is building advanced weapons systems using American chip technology. The New American magazine “has been sounding the alarm for decades concerning the treasonous actions and suicidal negligence that have allowed the sacking of America’s technological treasure-house by our enemies.” 

Jasper said the following: “China had already debuted two exascale supercomputers, beating the United States and the rest of the world in the immensely important computational sweepstakes. If the reports prove to be true, the totalitarian Beijing regime has achieved another huge milestone and has leapfrogged over us — again, courtesy of our technology transfers.  Plus, Chips for war: Modern weapons systems — missiles, bombers, fighter jets, satellites, radar, avionics, artillery, tanks, ships, and submarines — depend on microchips. Top Chinese chip manufacturers such as Phytium are still dependent on technology from the United States…To that end, it committed to buy, borrow, or steal the necessary components, manufacturing systems, and know-how, and it got plenty of help from American Big Tech, Wall Street globalists, and pro-Beijing politicians.”

Jasper explained the following: “Some of the leading Big Tech corporations of our allies, whom American taxpayers are paying dearly to defend, have joined hands with our own Big Tech globalists to provide the PRC’s mass-murdering regime with the technological capacity to overtake, bully, rule, or even kill us. With this type of assistance, and with the Chinese Communist Party pouring untold billions of dollars into the supercomputer race, it hasn’t taken long for China to close the computing gap… Some of the areas it has targeted and is already seriously pursuing are artificial intelligence, quantum computing, electrical vehicles, pharmaceuticals, cloud computing and data storage, 3D printing, lasers, nanotechnology, robotics, telecommunications, advanced materials research, mining, metallurgy, biomimetic systems, blockchain, 5G cellular, machine learning, nuclear power, virtual reality, and more. Most of these are dual use technologies that can be applied both to civilian/commercial products and to military applications. Millions of Americans have felt the negative impact of Communist China’s economic warfare — aided by U.S. policymakers and U.S. technology transfers — that has allowed the PRC to leapfrog us economically, capturing whole industries once dominated by American businesses. In the process, America’s manufacturing base, thousands of critically important American companies, and millions of American jobs were destroyed.”

Only President Donald J. Trump stood up to China and stopped the terrible trade deals and transfers of technology. This was why China, Big Tech, globalists of the New World Order, woke corporations, socialist mainstream press, and corrupt leaders of the Marxist Democratic Party had to defeat the re-election of our nationalist America First President Trump by any means possible.

It is unbelievable that Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama engaged in high treason, dereliction of duty, and criminal negligence by assisting the transferring of American technology and helping China in its illegal comprehensive unrestricted Biological Weapons programs of the Chinese military.

Hundreds of CCP and PLA scientists came to work in U.S. research institutions and then invited other CCP and PLA scientists to come to U.S. laboratories to access American knowledge, skills, technologies, and use U.S. government funding. Later these Chinese scientists stole our technology and shared with China’s research and development programs, including military.

It was President Jimmy Carter and CCP dictator Deng Xiaoping who signed the China-United States Biochemistry Examination and Application (CUSBEA) program in 1979.

This agreement was implemented in over 60 U.S. universities. Thousands of Chinese students and professors began coming to America. Many of them became U.S. citizens but maintained allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. President Bill Clinton expanded the Carter-Deng Xiaoping agreement and invited Chinese military scientists into Department of Defense research centers, including the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick. In 2011, President Barack Obama extended indefinitely the Carter-Deng Xiaoping U.S.-China Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology.

Communist China has bought America’s academic community and turned it against America

On December 30, 2021, Gordon G. Chang wrote an article titled “American Traitors: Academics Working for China” that was published by the Gatestone Institute.

Dr. Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, was recently found guilty of six felony crimes related to his participation in communist China’s Thousand Talents Program.

Gordon Chang explained that Kerry Gershaneck, the author of Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to “Win Without Fighting” and a professor in Taiwan, stated to Gatestone: “This case is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what needs to be done by the U.S. government to penetrate and prosecute China’s co-option of America’s academia.” Lieber recruited scientists to work in China. In 2011, Lieber had agreed to become a “strategic scientist” at the Wuhan University of Technology and consequently was part of the Thousand Talents Program, an effort to attract foreign specialists for Beijing. “While working on the Communist Party’s payroll, Lieber was in a perfect position to spot and assess potential vulnerable students and faculty for China to recruit,” said Gershaneck. For his efforts, Beijing rewarded Lieber handsomely: $50,000 a month, among other payments.

Chang said that Kerry Gershaneck wrote the following: “For more than 70 years, the Chinese Communist Party has invested extraordinary effort into infiltrating and co-opting America’s academia. Academic infiltration and subversion are vital elements of the Communist Party’s political warfare against the U.S., and to this end its United Front and intelligence organizations aggressively target America’s universities, individual scholars, think tanks, and even K-12 teachers and students. The effort has been successful. I am told there are “thousands” of professors on Beijing’s payroll in California universities.”

Chang pointed out that John Ratcliffe, President Trump’s former director of national intelligence, said that China’s theft of intellectual property alone injures the U.S. to the tune of perhaps $500 billion a year. China is putting even more effort into taking over foreign institutions of higher education. Chinese dictator Xi Jinping in a major speech in September 2021 declared that it is a regime priority to attract foreign professionals to transfer state-of-the-art scientific know-how to China.  Xi also established a two-decade timetable to become the world’s science and technology leader. He talked about the struggle on the world’s “main economic battlefield.”

Chang stated the following: “China’s regime believes that the competition for talent is a war. In that war, China’s military has access to all technology in nominally civilian Chinese institutions and companies, and the Chinese military is planning to use this tech to develop the means to kill Americans by the hundreds of millions. In China’s official war on America — People’s Daily in May 2019 declared a “people’s war” on the United States — Americans working for Beijing, whatever their intention, are essentially traitors. Lieber, a traitor, has inflicted incalculable damage on America.”

Congressional Advisory Commission Report said that China Could Defeat America in a War

On December 18, 2021, Andrew Thornebrooke wrote an article titled “U.S, Cannot Be Certain of Military Victory Against China: Report” that was published by The Epoch Times.

Thornebrooke explained that according to the new report “U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC),” the United States cannot be assured of victory in the event of a war with China. This report, published on November 17, 2021, comes amid increased concerns that the United States could be drawn into a war over Taiwan, which China is threatening with a military invasion. The bipartisan report said, that “for the first time, the Chinese military was prepared to successfully carry out an invasion of Taiwan regardless of the intervention of the United States.” The report said, “that efforts to modernize China’s military and expand its nuclear capabilities had increased the risk of such a war.”

“The Chinese are at or near an initial invasion capability,” said Commissioner and former Senator Jim Talent when the report was unveiled. He added, “which means the ability to conduct a land invasion of Taiwan, even assuming American intervention, albeit at very high risk.”

Thornebrooke described this alarming report in his article. The USCC report stated the following:

“China’s nuclear buildup puts it on a path to become a qualitative nuclear peer of the United States in around a decade, with a similarly diversified, precise, and survivable force. The CCP is moving beyond its former policy of minimum deterrence, seeking greater nuclear capabilities and capacity than are needed to dissuade enemies from a war. Moreover, the regime would not engage meaningfully in arms control agreements, viewing them as a trap designed to prevent China from achieving global dominance.”

The report found that the risk of nuclear conflict was increasing and that the development of capabilities, such as the hypersonic test, as well as the regime’s military and diplomatic posture “suggests it could also be intended to support a new strategy of limited nuclear first use.” “Such a strategy would enable Chinese leaders to leverage their nuclear forces to accomplish Chinese political objectives beyond survival, such as coercing another state or deterring U.S. intervention in a war over Taiwan,” the report said.

The report also found that the PLA’s modernization efforts, including rapid expansions of its amphibious assault and nuclear capabilities, placed the continued deterrence of conflict in the Taiwan Strait in a place of “dangerous uncertainty.” “Improvements in China’s military capabilities have fundamentally transformed the strategic environment and weakened the military dimension of cross-strait deterrence,” the report said. “China’s increasingly coercive approach to Taiwan puts almost daily pressure on the cross-Strait status quo and increases the potential for a military crisis.” The report noted that China’s defense industry could surge construction of additional naval fleets. Further, it said that the PLA’s modernization was designed “with the explicit goal of developing the capability to forcibly annex Taiwan.”

The report found that, in addition to achieving initial capability for a successful invasion of Taiwan, the Chinese regime was also growing increasingly likely to pull off such move. There was a risk, it warned, that a failure by U.S. leadership to demonstrate adequate resolve could encourage just such an action. “A deterrence failure is most likely to occur if Chinese leaders believe the United States is not militarily capable of, or politically willing to intervene, or if they interpret ambiguities in U.S. policy to mean that opportunistic Chinese aggression against Taiwan will not provoke a decisive U.S. response.”

China’s Nuclear Arsenal is Growing and Improving

Thornebrooke explained that the risk of a war between America and China is not limited to Taiwan. The report also detailed and reflected the difficulties associated with confronting a global China with increased nuclear capabilities. He said that a Pentagon report released in October 2021 found that China’s military would likely have 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030. Likewise, Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said that the CCP was uninterested in nuclear non-proliferation. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) said in October 2021 that the United States would “probably lose a war” with China if such a conflict were to happen before the construction of new naval vessels slated for the 2030s.

The USCC report confirms those views and builds upon them. “China’s nuclear buildup puts it on a path to become a qualitative nuclear peer of the United States in around a decade, with a similarly diversified, precise, and survivable force,” the report said.

The report stated that the CCP is moving beyond its former policy of minimum deterrence, seeking greater nuclear capabilities and capacity than are needed to dissuade enemies from a war. Moreover, the regime would not engage meaningfully in arms control agreements, viewing them as a “trap” designed to prevent China from achieving global dominance. “China’s growing nuclear arsenal could embolden it to pursue coercion or conventional aggression against U.S. allies and partners if Chinese leaders believe their nuclear arsenal will deter the United States from intervening on these countries’ behalf,” the report said.

In all, the Commission recommended that the United States increase investments in developing a comprehensive diplomatic strategy, organize more nonproliferation agreements, and modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal, to avoid a war, the nation may not be able to win.

“The risks of a nuclear exchange between China and the United States are higher today than in the past,” the report said. “If Chinese leaders have already changed their strategy without declaring they have done so, they could be much more likely to intentionally threaten or use nuclear weapons to achieve their regional objectives, such as deterring or degrading intervening U.S. forces in a conventional war over Taiwan they fear they could lose,” the report indicated.

On August 4, 2022 A missile is launched from an unspecified location in China into waters near Taiwan.

The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength of 2023

On October 18, 2022, the Heritage Foundation published its Report of the military’s ability to perform its missions in today’s world. The conclusion is as follows: “As currently postured, the U.S. military is at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests. It is rated as weak relative to the force needed to defend national interests on a global stage against actual challenges in the world as it is rather than as we wish it were. This is the logical consequence of years of sustained use, underfunding, poorly defined priorities, wildly shifting security policies, exceedingly poor discipline in program execution, and a profound lack of seriousness across the national security establishment even as threats to U.S. interests have surged.

This Index’s benchmark for fighting a war in two different places the military would need:

  • Army: 50 brigade combat teams (BCTs);
  • Navy: 400 battle force ships and 624 strike aircraft;
  • Air Force: 1,200 fighter/ground-attack aircraft;
  • Marine Corps: 30 battalions; and
  • Space Force: metric not yet established.”

“This recommended force does not account for homeland defense missions that would accompany a period of major conflict and are generally handled by Reserve and National Guard forces. Nor does it constitute the totality of the Joint Force, which includes the array of supporting and combat-enabling functions that are essential to the conduct of any military operation: logistics; transportation (land, sea, and air); health services; communications and data handling; and force generation (recruiting, training, and education) to name only a few. Rather, these are combat forces that are the most recognizable elements of America’s hard power but that also can be viewed as surrogate measures for the size and capability of the larger Joint Force.”

The Index Indicated the Threats to U.S. Interests

Russia remains the primary threat to American interests in Europe as well as the most pressing threat to the United States. Its invasion of Ukraine reintroduced conventional war to Europe. It also is the largest conflict on that continent since the end of the Second World War, and its many economic and security repercussions are felt across the globe. Moscow also remains committed to massive pro-Russia propaganda campaigns in other Eastern European countries as well as disruptive activities around its periphery and across the Middle East.

The 2023 Index again assesses the threat emanating from Russia as “aggressive” in its behavior and “formidable” (the highest category on the scale) in its growing capabilities. Though Russia is consuming its inventory of munitions, supplies, equipment, and even military personnel in its war against Ukraine, it is also replacing those items and people. Unlike Ukraine’s, Russia’s industrial capacity remains untouched by the war, and will allow Moscow to replace older equipment lost in the conflict with newly manufactured items. Russia’s military is also gaining valuable combat experience. Consequently, the war may actually serve to increase the challenge that Russia poses to U.S. interests on the continent.

China, the most comprehensive threat the U.S. faces, remained “aggressive” in the scope of its provocative behavior and earns the score of “formidable” for its capability because of its continued investment in the modernization and expansion of its military and the particular attention it has paid to its space, cyber, and artificial intelligence capabilities. The People’s Liberation Army continues to extend its reach and military activity beyond its immediate region and engages in larger and more comprehensive exercises, including live-fire exercises in the East China Sea near Taiwan and aggressive naval and air patrols in the South China Sea.

China also continues to conduct probes of the South Korean and Japanese air defense identification zones, drawing rebukes from both Seoul and Tokyo, and its statements about Taiwan and exercise of military capabilities in the air and sea around the island have been increasingly belligerent. China is taking note of the war in Ukraine and U.S. military developments and has been adjusting its own posture, training, and investments accordingly.

Iran represents by far the most significant security challenge to the United States, its allies, and its interests in the greater Middle East. Its open hostility to the United States and Israel, sponsorship of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and history of threatening the commons underscore the problem it could pose. Today, Iran’s provocations are of primary concern to the region and America’s allies, friends, and assets there. Iran relies heavily on irregular (to include political) warfare against others in the region and fields more ballistic missiles than any of its neighbors.

Iran’s development of ballistic missiles and its potential nuclear capability also make it a long-term threat to the security of the U.S. homeland. In addition, Iran has continued its aggressive efforts to shape the domestic political landscape in Iraq, adding to the region’s general instability. The 2023 Index extends the 2022 Index’s assessment of Iran’s behavior as “aggressive” and its capability as “gathering.”

North Korea’s military poses a security challenge for American allies South Korea and Japan, as well as for U.S. bases in those countries and on the island territory of Guam. North Korean officials are belligerent toward the United States, often issuing military and diplomatic threats. Pyongyang also has engaged in a range of provocative behavior that includes nuclear and missile tests and tactical-level attacks on South Korea. It has used its missile and nuclear tests to enhance its prestige and importance domestically, regionally, and globally and to extract various concessions from the U.S. in negotiations on its nuclear program and various aid packages.

Such developments also improve North Korea’s military posture. U.S. and allied intelligence agencies assess that Pyongyang has already achieved nuclear warhead miniaturization, the ability to place nuclear weapons on its medium-range missiles, and the ability to reach the continental United States with a missile. North Korea also uses cyber warfare as a means of guerilla warfare against its adversaries and international financial institutions. This Index therefore assesses the overall threat from North Korea, considering the range of contingencies, as “testing” for level of provocation of behavior and “gathering” for level of capability.

A broad array of terrorist groups remain the most hostile of any of the threats to America examined in the Index. The primary terrorist groups of concern to the U.S. homeland and to Americans abroad are the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda and its branches remain active and effective in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and the Sahel of Northern Africa. Though no longer a territory-holding entity, ISIS also remains a serious presence in the Middle East, in South and Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa, threatening stability as it seeks to overthrow governments and impose an extreme form of Islamic law. Its ideology continues to inspire attacks against Americans and U.S. interests. Fortunately, Middle East terrorist groups remain the least capable threats facing the U.S., but they cannot be dismissed.

Just as there are American interests that are not covered by this Index, there may be additional threats to American interests that are not identified here. This Index focuses on the more apparent sources of risk and those that appear to pose the greatest threat.

Compiling the assessments of these threat sources, the 2023 Index again rates the overall global threat environment as “aggressive” and “gathering” in the areas of threat actor behavior and material ability to harm U.S. security interests, respectively, leading to an aggregated threat score of “high.”

The Status of U.S. Military Power

“Finally, we assessed the military power of the United States in three areas: capability, capacity, and readiness. We approached this assessment service by service as the clearest way to link military force size; modernization programs; unit readiness; and (in general terms) the functional combat power (land, sea, air, and space) that each service represents.

Our analysis concluded with these assessments:

  • Army as “Marginal.” The Army’s score remains “marginal” in the 2023 Index, and significant challenges that have arisen during the year call into question whether it will improve its status in the year ahead. Though the Army has sustained its commitment to modernizing its forces for great-power competition, its modernization programs are still in their development phase, and it will be a few years before they are ready for acquisition and fielding. In other words, the Army is aging faster than it is modernizing. It remains “weak” in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have. However, 25 of its 31 Regular Army BCTs are at the highest state of readiness, thus earning a readiness score of “very strong” and conveying the sense that the service knows what it needs to do to prepare for the next major conflict. Nevertheless, the Army’s internal assessment must be balanced against its own statements that unit training is focused on company-level operations rather than battalion or brigade operations. Consequently, how these “ready” brigade combat teams would actually perform in combat is an open question.
  • Navy as “Weak.” This worrisome score, a drop from “marginal” assessed in the 2022 Index, is driven by problems in capacity (“very weak”) and readiness (“weak”). This Index assesses that the Navy needs a battle force of 400 manned ships to do what is expected of it today. The Navy’s current battle force fleet of 298 ships and intensified operational tempo combine to reveal a service that is much too small relative to its tasks. Contributing to a lower assessment is the Navy’s persistent inability to arrest and reverse the continued diminution of its fleet as adversary forces grow in number and capability. If its current trajectory is maintained, the Navy will shrink further to 280 ships by 2037. Current and forecasted levels of funding will prevent the Navy from altering its decline unless Congress undertakes extraordinary efforts to increase assured funding for several years.
  • Air Force as “Very Weak.” The Air Force has been downgraded once again, the second, time in the past two years. The Air Force was assessed as “marginal” in the 2021 Index but, with public reporting of the mission readiness and physical location of combat aircraft implying that it would have a difficult time responding rapidly to a crisis, fell to a score of “weak” in the 2022 Index. During FY 2022, the year assessed for this Index, problems with pilot production and retention, an extraordinarily small amount of time in the cockpit for pilots, and a fleet of aircraft that continues to age compounded challenges even more, leading to the current score of “very weak,” the lowest on our scale. The USAF currently is at 86 percent of the capacity required to meet a two-MRC benchmark, it is short 650 pilots, the average age of its fighter aircraft fleet is 32 years old, and pilots are flying barely more than once per week across all types of aircraft. New aircraft like the F-35 and KC-46 are being introduced, but the pace is too slow. Although there is a chance the Air Force might win a single MRC in any theater, there is little doubt that it would struggle in war with a peer competitor. Both the time required to win such a conflict and the attendant rates of attrition would be much higher than they would be if the service had moved aggressively to increase high-end training and acquire the fifth-generation weapon systems required to dominate such a fight.
  • Marine Corps as “Strong.” The score for the Marine Corps was raised to “strong” from “marginal” in the 2022 Index and remains “strong” in this edition for two reasons: (1) because the 2021 Index changed the threshold for capacity, lowering it from 36 infantry battalions to 30 battalions in acknowledgment of the Corps’ argument that it is a one-war force that also stands ready for a broad range of smaller crisis-response tasks, and (2) because of the Corps’ extraordinary, sustained efforts to modernize (which improves capability) and enhance its readiness during the assessed year. Of the five services, the Corps is the only one that has a compelling story for change, has a credible and practical plan for change, and is effectively implementing its plan to change. However, in the absence of additional funding that would enable the Corps to maintain higher end strength while also pursuing its modernization and reorientation efforts, the Corps will reduce the number of its battalions even further to just 21, and this reduction will limit the extent to which it can conduct distributed operations as envisioned and replace combat losses (thus limiting its ability to sustain operations). Though the service remains hampered by old equipment in some areas, it has nearly completed modernization of its entire aviation component, is making good progress in fielding a new amphibious combat vehicle and is fast-tracking the acquisition of new anti-ship and anti-air weapons. Full realization of its redesign plan will require the acquisition of a new class of amphibious ships, for which the Corps needs support from the Navy.
  • Space Force as “Weak.” The mission sets, space assets, and personnel that have transitioned to the Space Force from the other services since its establishment in December 2019 and that have been added over the past two years have enabled the service to sustain its support to the Joint Force. However, there is little evidence that the USSF has improved its readiness to provide nearly real-time support to operational and tactical levels of force operations or that it is ready in any way to execute defensive and offensive counterspace operations to the degree envisioned by Congress when it authorized the creation of the Space Force. The majority of its platforms have exceeded their life span, and modernization efforts to replace them are slow and incremental. The service’s two counterspace weapons systems (Meadowlands and Bounty Hunter) cover only a fraction of the offensive and defensive capabilities required to win a conflict in space. Other counterspace systems are likely being developed or, like cyber, are already in play without public announcement. Nevertheless, the USSF’s current visible capacity is not sufficient to support, fight, or weather a war with a peer competitor.
  • Nuclear Capabilities as “Strong” but Trending Toward “Marginal” or Even “Weak.” This conclusion is sustained from the 2022 Index. The scoring for U.S. nuclear weapons must be considered in the context of a threat environment that is significantly more dangerous than it was in previous years. Until recently, U.S. nuclear forces needed to address one nuclear peer rather than two. Given senior leaders’ reassurances with respect to the readiness and reliability of U.S. nuclear forces, as well as the strong bipartisan commitment to modernization of the entire nuclear enterprise, this year’s Index retains its grade of “strong,” but only for now. U.S. nuclear forces face many risks that, without a continued commitment to a strong deterrent, could warrant a decline to an overall score of “marginal” or “weak.” The reliability of current U.S. delivery systems and warheads is at risk as they continue to age and the threat continues to advance. Iran, for example, has announced an ability to enrich uranium to 60 percent (90 percent is needed for a weapon), and Russia and China are aggressively expanding the types and quantities of nuclear weapons in their inventories. Nearly all components of the nuclear enterprise are at a tipping point with respect to replacement or modernization and have no margin left for delays in schedule. Future assessments will need to consider plans to adjust America’s nuclear forces to account for the doubling of peer nuclear threats. While capacity was not assessed this year, it is clear that the change in threat warrants a reexamination of U.S. force posture and the adequacy of current modernization plans. Failure to keep modernization programs on track while planning for a three-party nuclear peer dynamic could lead inevitably to a decline in the strength of U.S. nuclear deterrence.

In the aggregate, the United States’ military posture can only be rated as WEAK 

“The Air Force is rated “very weak,” the Navy and Space Force are “weak,” and the U.S. Army is “marginal.” The Marine Corps and nuclear forces are “strong,” but the Corps is a one-war force, and its overall strength is therefore not sufficient to compensate for the shortfalls of its larger fellow services. And if the United States should need to employ nuclear weapons, the escalation into nuclear conflict would seem to imply that handling such a crisis would challenge even a fully ready Joint Force at its current size and equipped with modern weapons. Additionally, the war in Ukraine, which threatens to destabilize not just Europe but the economic and political stability of other regions, shows that some actors (in this case Russia) will not necessarily be deterred from conventional action even though the U.S. maintains a strong nuclear capability. Thus, strong conventional forces of necessary size are essential to the ability of the U.S. to respond to emergent crises in areas of special interest.”

“The 2023 Index concludes that the current U.S. military force is at significant risk of not being able to meet the demands of a single major regional conflict while also attending to various presence and engagement activities. The force would probably not be able to do more and is certainly ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous MRCs—a situation that is made more difficult by the generally weak condition of key military allies.”


The 2023 Index Report is most alarming. The destruction of the economy with trillions of unnecessary spending has created high inflation and food and medicines shortages.  The toxic rhetoric by Biden and Democrats calling Republicans “a threat to democracy” and other insults have divided the nation at a time when we could soon be at war with China and its allies. The war on fossil fuels by the Biden regime that ended our energy independence has seriously damaged our national security. The woke Pentagon that is teaching the hateful and communist Critical Race Theory to our military and gender ideology as well as forcing unnecessary COVID 19 shots have driven many excellent officers and soldiers to quit. In addition, many patriotic Americans do not want to serve in the woke and growing weak military.

When President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were in office for eight years, they eliminated about 200 patriotic generals and admirals and replaced them with mostly globalists of the New World Order and leftist liberals who accepted the woke policies of the Biden regime. The Pentagon is wasting millions in climate change, the teaching of CRT to soldiers to hate America and each other, and the cost of transgender operations, instead of teaching love for America and unity and preparing to fight a possible war with China and its allies.

The Report indicated that the Navy needs a battle force of 400 ships to do what is expected in a future war. The Navy’s current battle force fleet of 298 ships. The PLA navy has 360 ships. The Report gave the Navy an evaluation of WEAK.

The Report indicated that the Air Force needs 650 additional pilots. Our pilots flew 120 hours per year, which is below of 200 hours a year minimum needed to be proficient against a strong enemy like China. The aging aircraft and the poor pilot training and retention gave the Air Force the worst rating of all the armed services of VERY WEAK.

The Report stated that the Army is aging faster than it is modernizing. It remains “weak” in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have. The rating was MARGINAL.

The Report gave the Marine Corps a rating of STRONG. This is the only branch of the military to receive such a rating.

The United States is spending about 3% of the GDP currently in the military when in the 1980s it was spending between 5% to 6%. Freedom is not free. America must increase the budget of the Pentagon or risk defeat in a future war. It is shameful and a disgrace that in the Home of the Free and the Brave our military is not being able to meet the demands to defend America’s vital national interests. The Report stated the following: “It is rated as weak relative to the force needed to defend national interests on a global stage against actual challenges in the world as it is rather than as we wish it were. This is the logical consequence of years of sustained use, underfunding, poorly defined priorities, wildly shifting security policies, exceedingly poor discipline in program execution, and a profound lack of seriousness across the national security establishment even as threats to U.S. interests have surged.”

After the debacle in Afghanistan by the incompetent Biden regime and its woke Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela bloody dictators were emboldened. All enemies and allies of America are also aware that Joe Biden is not only compromised by China due to the tens of millions given to his extremely corrupt family, but that he is seriously cognitively impaired. Vice President Kamala Harris is incompetent and, according to polls, despised by a large majority of Americans. This situation represents an immense danger to our national security.

The Biden regime is extremely weak and incompetent. It has shown that it has conducted a shameful appeasement policy with America’s enemies in its two years in power. Dictator Putin invaded Ukraine since he does not fear America. If Donald Trump were President, it would not have happened. Weakness in America invited aggression.

It is obvious to both China and Russia and their allies know that the Biden regime is very weak and not militarily capable. Its woke Pentagon is not able to stop them from future acts of aggression against America and its allies. These two existential enemies of America do not fear or respect the Biden regime with so many Marxists in the federal government and Democrats in Congress. 

China is in violation of international law by claiming islands and reefs which belong to U.S. allies as well as vast portions of the South and East China Seas. The USCC and the Index Reports stated that the failure by U.S. leadership to demonstrate adequate resolve could encourage China to invade and conquer Taiwan. The report indicated that “A deterrence failure is most likely to occur if Chinese leaders believe the United States is not militarily capable of or politically willing to intervene, or if they interpret ambiguities in U.S. policy to mean that opportunistic Chinese aggression against Taiwan will not provoke a decisive U.S. response.”

If America allows Taiwan to be conquered by force, China will become the sole superpower of the world. America’s allies will abandon America and would try, as best as possible, to get along with both China and Russia, and their bloody allies. America will become a superpower in complete retreat and vulnerable to be defeated by its enemies. May God protect America from such a fate!

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