PayPal Cancels Liberty Sentinel

Far-left payment processing company PayPal seems to hate Christians so much that, in its zeal to silence and destroy them, it is willing to ignore its fiduciary duty to shareholders and jeopardize its near-monopoly status in the market.

In May, the radical Big Tech firm sent an email to Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc., announcing that LSM could no longer do businesses. The company also froze LSM’s funds without explanation and stopped processing transactions.

“After a review of your account activity, we’ve determined that you’re in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy,” the company said in the email. “As a result, your account has been permanently limited and you won’t be able to conduct any further business using PayPal.”

The company did not specify what provision of the “Acceptable Use Policy” was allegedly violated. When contacted by phone, a foreign agent told The Liberty Sentinel that somebody from PayPal would explain why the decision was made. Nobody ever did.

Separately, PayPal did not respond to requests for comment by phone and sent to its official media relations e-mail address.

However, the decision to discriminate against Liberty Sentinel Media came shortly after an interview in which Liberty Sentinel editor and CEO Alex Newman was highly critical of the company.

The interview, conducted for The New American magazine with Rebel Media Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn-Reid, portrayed the payment processing giant in a negative light for its efforts to silence conservatives and Christians.

PayPal had just “cancelled” Rebel News, Canada’s largest independent media outlet with around 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

During the interview, Newman told the story of the late Julio Severo, a Brazilian evangelist and writer who was forced to flee from government persecution in his native Brazil over his faith.

Watch the interview here:

Severo, who suddenly died last month and left a wife and seven children ages 4 to 16, had been living precariously as a refugee in Central America. He wrote for The Liberty Sentinel and other publications from exile.

The Brazilian writer’s primary means of support — contributions and payments via PayPal from supporters for his work — was suddenly cut off after vicious LGBT activists targeted him for defending the biblical view of sexuality and marriage.

In other words, the supposedly “woke” mega-corporation targeted for destruction a helpless Latin American refugee with seven children for his religious beliefs.

PayPal has increasingly been weaponized by fringe political activists following the lead of LGBT activist and Bilderberg billionaire Peter Thiel, a PayPal co-founder who is “Very, Very Interested in Young People’s Blood,” according to

Among other extremism, the company has attempted to bully states into embracing radical LGBT ideology while silencing so many Christians and conservatives that there have been frequent national calls for boycotting the bigoted corporate behemoth.

The California-based firm has also partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a discredited far-left hate group known for praising domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, inspiring and radicalizing domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins, and libeling a Muslim activist as one of the world’s leading “anti-Muslim extremists.”

Fortunately, Liberty Sentinel Media prefers to do business with companies that do not hate and discriminate against people based on their religious views.

As such, long before PayPal officially discriminated against the firm, Liberty Sentinel transferred almost all of its business to an alternate payment processor.

Regular or one-time donations can still be made via Cornerstone, snail mail and other methods here using checks, credit cards, and more.

This post will be updated as the process plays out with PayPal.

2 thoughts on “PayPal Cancels Liberty Sentinel”

  1. I would reach out to Greg Hunter, he too is using Cornerstone. He stopped using the liberal paypal some time ago. Last I heard, things are going well for him using Cornerstone. Keep fighting the good fight, and continue to provide us insight and wisdom. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Thank you for yet another reason to be a Patreon of Liberty Sentinel. Alex is an extraordinary journalist. I am so weary of these mega million corporations and their censorship. We are living in the 21 Century stone age of non-information. I really question just about everything, not only what is said but who is saying it and why? What a boring world we will live without differences of opinion. Discourse is a tool of learning! When and how will this lunacy end?

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