PBS Bigwig: Steal Kids from Trump Backers, Bomb White House

A top exec at the far-left, tax-funded PBS said government must steal children from Trump supporters for “re-education” camps, and promised to bomb the White House if Trump were re-elected.

The PBS bigwig, Principal Counsel Michael Beller, said the kidnapped children of parents who backed Trump would be forced to watch government propaganda all day.

While PBS and other purveyors of radical left-wing propaganda are pretending to be concerned about the threat of political violence from Trump supporters, Beller called for fire bombing the White House if Trump won.

The undercover video was captured by journalists from Project Veritas, which has exposed numerous scandals involving government, the establishment media, and more.

It was not immediately clear if Beller would be fired or prosecuted.

UPDATE: PBS announced that Beller was no longer working there.

“This employee no longer works for PBS,” the tax-funded propaganda service said in the statement. “As a mid-level staff attorney, he did not speak on behalf of our organization, nor did he make any editorial decisions.”

Watch the video below:

2 thoughts on “PBS Bigwig: Steal Kids from Trump Backers, Bomb White House”

  1. What the fuck is wrong with people?!?! People/politicians/big tech/social media// MSM have all become completely unhinged and deranged! Cumulus radio just stated that of any on-air personnel talks about election fraud, President Trump, or the illegitimate corrupt biden or anything related to disputing the election, they will be terminated immediately.

    This on top of Parlor disappearing, President Trump being completely censored by fakebook and twitter, and now his e-mails have stopped going to his supporters…

    Scary times we are living in… Communism is on our doorstep & I will continue to pray to God for divine intervention and the salvation of America from the grips of the devil and evil and those who want to inflict harm upon us.

  2. I also forgot to mention, that he ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED! What he did was a felony, and it is called a terroristic threat! LOCK HIM UP!

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