Pfizer KNEW: Vax Justice & Defeating Evil – Dr. McCullough, Naomi Wolf & John Diamond

After the news segment on Liberty Hour where Alex breaks down the horrors in the Omnibus bill supported by RINO Republicans and what the World Health Organization is up to, Alex interviews three amazing guests:

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough explains what the injections are doing to the human body and argues that it is time for prosecutions of all involved.

Former top Democrat advisor Naomi Wolf breaks down the incredible findings of thousands of expert volunteers related to the Pfizer documents. In short, they KNEW. She warns of major population crisis ahead as a result, and says this is metaphysical–there are no human or physical answers to the evil spreading across the globe.

Finally, theologian and author Dr. John Diamond talks about how God’s people can and must “Appeal to Heaven” for help in this battle, as America’s Founding Fathers did.

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