Plan to Make Vax Passports Required for EVERYTHING

It’s time for an update on where things are heading in the formerly free Western world as a result of public compliance with a criminal cabal of global predators who are using Covid as a jackhammer to ram into place a new permanent transformation of society that is nothing short of totalitarian.

Things are moving along at a frenetic pace in the direction desired by some of the world’s most powerful people.

The little-known façade under which the rising beast system hides is called the global “Great Reset,” a transformation of society being supported and promoted by the World Economic Forum, the U.N., the Vatican, the Islamic world, the Jewish world, the corporate world, and much of the church world. And while some nations like the U.S. and U.K. are moving somewhat slower toward fulfilling the goals of the global reset, they are diligently working to collapse what remains of the old system.

Others, however, have been released to move more quickly [see video above for evidence].

Just in the last few weeks, the beast system has arrived in many nations of the world. Don’t let the lack of media coverage here in America fool you: The system that demands the submission of every human being has arrived, and we have some brave souls who are starting to send warnings out to we who live in America and other places where this same system has not yet been fully unveiled.

If you depend on the corporate-owned media for your “news,” you likely have no clue what is going on right now in Israel, Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, or even Canada. There’s a total news blackout of the impending darkness looming over those countries even as the same darkness starts to descend on America.

Why doesn’t the media want you to know what’s going on in other nations? Because the horrific reality of a two-tiered apartheid society taking shape in Europe and Australia foretell what is planned for the United States. We are just a few months behind these other nations in implementing the Great Reset.

That’s why Biden warns of a coming “dark winter” and continues to demonize those who reject the Trump/Biden death serum, which disrupts the DNA of every human who accepts it. This demonization will intensify so they can blame the coming misery on we, the uninjected, as more people die and fall ill from the shots. Expect blackouts, brownouts and supply-chain breakdowns on a scale never before seen in post-World War II America, as the regime tries to make life as miserable as possible for as many Americans as possible.

This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This is an infection of globalist authoritarianism that has infiltrated not just the U.S. but all nations of the formerly free Western world.

Why now? Because it is time. The elites believe they have reached a pinnacle of technological knowledge in which automation, AI, algorithms and gene editing can transform the world into their idea of utopia. They no longer need billions of worker bees to man factories and do other unskilled jobs. They’ve got AI-powered robots so it’s time to replace the “useless eaters” who they can’t fully control and who they believe are using up the earth’s scarce resources. That’s the reason for the forced shots.

The forced masking and forced injections also serve as a test run for tyranny. They have learned how many will refuse to comply, refuse to submit to an illegitimate authority telling them where they can travel, what they can eat [meat is now taboo], where they can and can’t work, what kind of healthcare must be submitted to, and what kind of religious or political beliefs will be allowed.

Australia and Israel took the lead. If you don’t have a digital health passport showing you are up to date on the cabal’s endless schedule of “boosters,” you don’t get to enter any public facility or travel more than a certain distance from your home. Germany and Italy are moving toward this same system.

The U.K. has taken a step back from trying to implement full-blown health passports after Brits flooded into the streets to protest, but PM Boris Johnson is chomping at the bit to join the ranks of Western nations who are saying ‘bye bye’ to longstanding traditions of freedom. As long as a good chunk of a nation’s population recognizes what’s coming as brute slavery, the full tide of tyranny will be held back.

The Biden regime knows there is no way a majority of Americans will opt into this new slave system, and so the regime is doing what all communist regimes do. They are turning up the heat, causing as much economic and social pain as they can, hoping that at some point they will be able to step in, declare martial law and blame everything on a small segment of Americans who remain uninjected. But before the regime can do that, they need to get that number down as small as possible. It’s impossible to round up 25 to 30 percent of the population and throw them in camps, and there’s at least that many right now who remain staunchly resistant, unwilling to follow the sheep to their slaughter.

The cancelation of 1,800 flights over the weekend is part of the Biden deconstruction plan. By mandating the injection, he ensured that at least 25 percent of pilots and air-traffic controllers would walk off the job. Yet, the criminal media refuses to report what is actually causing the cancellations. Laughably, they say it’s bad weather!

Most Americans are still not aware that Biden is calling our bluff. There is no law in place to mandate this experimental mRNA injection on anyone. Congress hasn’t passed any law and the federal bureaucracy doesn’t have the authority to force any company to fire the uninjected. To my knowledge, not a single company has been fined for disobeying Biden’s order.

The Biden regime is counting on large corporations to simply volunteer to do the government’s dirty work of firing the unvaxxed and collapsing the economy. So far, most large companies are happy to oblige. That’s why this winter is going to be rough. Who will blink first? The government and its corporate partners, or the unvaxxed workers?

What’s at stake in this game of chicken? For the answer to that question, read the first-hand account of what life is like right now in the small Eastern European country of Lithuania, which has already implemented the beast system demanded by the global predators pushing the Great Reset.

By Gluboco Lietuva

With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society.

We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist.

But we will not accept authoritarianism.

Here’s how life looks after one month in Lithuania, under Europe’s first strict, society-wide Covid Pass regime:

My wife and I have been suspended without pay for four weeks.

We can’t return to our jobs.

Not sure our employers would let us back.

Even if they did, our colleagues despise us, wish on social media for our death. Nothing we can do will ever erase that. We can’t work there.


We can’t find new jobs in our professions.

My wife and I have very different jobs in very different fields. But all jobs in both our fields now require the Covid Pass.

No Pass, no job.


We’re not allowed to buy food in the local supermarket.

We may only shop in small stores with street-facing entrances which mainly sell food,pharma,glasses/contacts, or farming/pet supplies.

In our area, that effectively limits us to one small, expensive convenience store.


The Pass has wreaked havoc with the free market.

Supermarkets which require the Pass report shopper traffic is down 25% in the month since the Pass was imposed.

But in the small stores where the Pass isn’t required, it’s up only 0.7%.

So where have the shoppers gone?


We now buy food in old Soviet-style markets: outdoors, in parking lots, products sold on street, tiny tables, or from back of cars. Produce, eggs, cheese, meat, fish. Cash only. No Pass required.

Not as convenient as a supermarket. But it works for now. Life finds a way.

I need to make some home repairs. But without a Pass, I can’t enter the hardware store to buy supplies.

I can’t call for a repair worker because repairs are banned for non-Pass holders. And I have no income now to pay for outside help anyway.

So our home stays unrepaired.


We went to the dentist we’ve attended for years for an appointment for one of my children, but had to leave because I don’t have a Covid Pass.

No other dentist in our area will see us. We’ve heard of dentists who treat people with no Pass, but they’re far. So no dental care.


We tried to buy art supplies for our kids from a craft store. No purchase allowed without a Pass.

We tried to buy educational toys in a toy store. We were barred from entering.

Can’t buy kitchen supplies. Banal, but frustrating.


We tried to print some papers in a copy shop. The staff refused us service without a Pass.

We can’t enter the library to browse books with our kids. That used to be one of our family’s greatest pleasures. But we’re not allowed any more because we don’t have a Covid Pass.


Our two kids outgrew/destroyed last winter’s clothes.

We tried to buy new ones. But with no Pass, many stores rejected us.

Finally, my pregnant wife begging, tears in her eyes; a manager at a second-hand store relented: “Just this once, ok? Can’t let you people in here again.”


This pressure to submit is everywhere.

And it’s overwhelming. Our ability to survive has been destroyed.

But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarianism which the Covid Pass represents.


QR code to enter stores?

Covid Pass needed to work?

Government approval needed to buy food, toys, clothes?

No. No. No.

The Covid Pass regime of government segregation and control — punishing undesired behavior with banishment from society — is the path to authoritarianism.


When Covid vaccinations were released, the original policy was education, trust, and informed consent to vaccinate targeted groups.

But policy changed in 2021: choice and trust was replaced by coercion and punishment.

You’ve shredded trust in public health for generations.

Government approval to exist in society. Banishment based on arbitrary rules. Recording of all people’s movements.

That’s not health; it’s control and power.

This new authoritarian control will only grow to ban ever more behavior as bureaucrats push to expand their power.

Like many cases in history, our slide towards authoritarian control in 2021 – in Europe and throughout the world – has fueled, and been fueled by, hatred and othering which is encouraged by government and stoked by the media.

And it’s ripping our society apart.


Segregation. Blame for disease. Accusation of wartime betrayal. Incitement. Persecution.

This is not a history textbook. This is the reality of life for my family in 2021.

Our humanity has been erased.

This is wrong.

So deeply, deeply wrong.

Our winter is long, cold, dark. My wife and I don’t have savings to last till spring.

But despite hardship, we decided resistance is our moral path. We want our kids some day to feel pride towards us, not disgust.

Freedom is fragile, and we must defend it. If not us, then who?


You have inflicted so much suffering on us already. You plan to hurt us even more this winter.

But know this:

We will never accept your Covid Pass regime.

We will never accept the control, segregation, and hate.

We will never accept this descent into authoritarianism.


We do not stop you earning a living, though you stop us.

We do not ban you from buying food and clothing, though you ban us.

We do not hate you, though you hate us.

We do not banish you, though you banish us.

We do not wish death upon you, though you wish death upon us.


And when the time comes, as it inevitably will, when you too are banished by the ever-increasing, arbitrary rules of the new authoritarianism, we will fight for your rights just as we fight now for ours.

Because we are all equal.

And we all have equal right to exist in society. 

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