America’s Leaders Are a Threat to National Security

While the Justice Department pursues ordinary parents as domestic terrorists for speaking out at school board meetings, it’s fair to say our leaders wouldn’t recognize a real threat to national security if it slapped them in the face.

The chief software officer of the Air Force just quit, warning China is winning the military cyber and artificial intelligence race, and there’s no time to waste.  Other experts have called for a ban on AI transfers to China.

China has built three new missile fields, totaling almost 250 new silos bringing China to virtual parity with the U.S. in ICBMs.  The commander in charge of U.S. strategic nuclear forces warns Russia is on the same path and our own outdated missile capabilities need strengthening.  But Democrat Elizabeth Warren and her allies in the White House are pushing for us to disarm. 

China now has advanced stealth drones that can fly for 20 hours and attack submarines.  They also have smaller attack drones that have been called ‘flying grenades’.  Moreover, China is steadily developing the ability to attack us from space, at a time when irresponsible Democrats in the House are moving to abolish the U.S. Space Force. 

North Korea has new train-launched missiles, as well new long-range cruise missiles that might have nuclear capability.  Iran blocked international arms control inspectors from its nuclear sites last month.  In case you don’t know, Iran is pursuing nukes and ICBMs that can hit U.S. allies and interests.

So what are our leaders doing while challenges to national security continue to mount?  Our woke Pentagon just made it easier for political appointees and congressional staffers to gain access to the crown jewels, the Defense Department’s most secret programs. They will no longer be asked if they have foreign associations or have gotten themselves into debt lately. 

Possible treason is not the only concern. A critic inside the Pentagon said get ready for leaks to the press of highly sensitive information, because they are surely coming. Meanwhile, a defense watchdog found the military is over-reliant on foreign pharmaceutical suppliers and can’t even be bothered to figure out where its medicines are coming from. 

We are not being well-served by the chuckleheads in the Pentagon and the White House. It’s time we demand better.  It’s time we demand our leaders get back to basics and focus on national security like they’re supposed to.  If you think all the woke stuff and chasing after parents as domestic terrorists is what’s important, all I can say is the world is a dangerous place and I hope you have a country left to be woke in. 

But if you have any sense, start talking to your elected representatives about the importance of national security, and don’t wait until the next election to do something. It’s your Republic. Time for you to step up and maintain it, because our current crop of leaders won’t.

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