Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Mean the Death of Free Markets


Remember: The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the REVOLUTION.  

Have you wondered why so many companies were so quick to go WOKE and destroy America?  Could it be that as companies became GLOBAL, America became irrelevant?  Global Corporate CEO’s and VP’s took money, tax rebates, grants, subsidies etc.  from the American Taxpayer and many purchased multiple residences all over the world.  America was just another country, nothing special. In addition, the highly skilled American worker was too expensive and cut into their profitability. So as their choice, they screwed the American worker. The criminals in the government made up rules and regulations to eliminate competition for their favored company. Lastly let us not forget that by eliminating competition, the “market” is favorable for investing in government-favored companies so Congress could make a fortune on insider trading, investing and creating new companies that will comply.  

OK: The pieces were beginning to fit. Thanks to Karen Bracken’s incredible research on ESG (Environmental, Social ‘Justice’ Governance), the woke actions of these companies are evident and finally make sense. On Nov 8, 2019, Forbes had an article introducing ESG to the business community in 2020.  What is ESG?  ESG is the Environmental, Social and Governance score given to a business to determine how well they “follow the government message.” In other words go WOKE, “Hate America and hate the American citizen who votes against the DNC communist” message. Apparently grading individuals on a Social Credit system is not enough for the communist Democrats. Limiting mobility, purchases and services based on how well individuals score by supporting everything the government does is not broad enough.  The corporations must follow orders as well.  Why would a corporation intentionally destroy their base?  Because once the world has opened as their customer, Americans are no longer the only game in town. Money, Money, Money!!! 

ESG refers to a company’s commitment to do more than make a profit, such as actively strive to contribute positively to the environment or social causes and to conduct themselves “responsibly.” Why would a company do that?  Because ESG is now the way that investors rate the corporation for investment funding. Bad score = no money.  Trash America = more money. By forming Public-Private Partnerships the government is now involved in business and can “suggest” certain actions or else no government contract, no access to grants or low interest loans and tax subsidies. Since many smaller middle class companies are totally private and do not rely on the government they must be destroyed. No competition or dissention allowed. COVID accelerated this plan. We now have an answer to the question: Is the government trying to destroy America? The answer is YES.

More money is made with global customers than American customers.

What is a PPP (PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP)?  A PPP is a way in which a corporation, through a new entity takes control of Government Assets.  The government, made up of unelected bureaucrats, people, make laws to regulate companies into the desired path.  The ESG (Environmental Social Governance) score keeps the corporations in line. Corporations are woke and must use the CRT method for reprogramming its workers. They must get a good score or no government contracts. You can call it Global Corporate Fascism, reinventing government, transfer of wealth, but it is really a new structure of communism. The public pays, the private profits. This is a massive form of wealth redistribution. Once again the public gets screwed.  

Let’s break this down. Here are the “Rules” from the Department of Labor.

     * Public – (government) all levels of government, Local, State, Federal, Foreign, and of course the United Nations.

     * Private – Big power Corporations, National Corporations, International Corporations, Universities, Foundations, Associations, any entity with big money.

     * Partnerships – Business arrangement, which public and private combined together.

     * NGO’s – Non government organizations, any organization with environmental interest, like the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Florida Forever, etc. that takes control of assets. This would be in land acquisitions, conservation, land corridors, Greenways, Parks, Preserves, permanent easements, etc. It would be on coastal waters, lakes, rivers, streams, another means of taking assets, owning and having full control. With no representation to the people, the goal is profit. Sound familiar? It should by now it’s called the United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda 21/2030/GND/Global Reset. The United Nations promote PPP’S, they play a very important role in their personal agenda making it easier for government to control businesses.  PPP are in direct opposition to any free market system. If a company needs government money, why are they still in business?

PPP’S are heavy into infrastructure because it crosses county and state lines which gives the government more control over local elected officials. With this economy, state and local governments do not have the money for roads, tolls, bridges, energy, water, and restoration. People do not want their taxes raised, as they are already tax enough.  When our elected representatives vote to empower appointed groups of people who are not accountable to the public, they are voting for Communism. That’s how Communism works. It is unelected groups of people who are authorized to make public policy using the agenda of some unseen apparatus in the background, coupled with the power of government to enforce it. In the case of the United States the transformation to Communism agenda is coming from the United Nations.

In Florida, PPP’s are abundant. PPP’S, Enterprise Florida, Public Service Commission (PSC), Workforce Florida, Inc. Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light, Progress Energy, ( Smart Meters) Florida Chamber of Commerce, and all of these promote Regionalism in Florida. Governor Scott signed H/B 85 to expand Public – Private Partnerships.  He was the same Governor that said there would be No Agenda 21 in Florida, more Lies.

Every county board, county administrator, city council, and manager in Florida works with PPP’S. All of Florida’s regional planning councils, (unconstitutional ) Sustainable Development Planners, Florida Association of Counties, due the bidding of PPP’S. But that’s not surprising since they work with U.N. organizations to implement the Agenda..

PPP’S are a Soviet structure. What is a Soviet… An elected governmental council in a Communist country.  Alliances are the PPP’S and they are implementing the socialist agenda thus transforming the United States into a Communist Country. The Public – Private Partnership (PPP) is yet another ruse of big government to steal your wealth and private property or other assets and, in the process, “fundamentally change America” and plunder the productive members of society.  A PPP is the essence of Marxism and crony capitalism. Elected government officials and their bureaucracy favoring corporations who support the political agenda of the ruling class, so both can profit at the expense of our individual freedom.  Why did Biden give up Afghanistan? Here is your reason…Money, Power, Control

Biden Family Business Tied to $Trillions in Lithium Acquired by China through U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal

Communist are Technocrats, they seek to plan, organize, and streamline all aspects of life through central planning. (like unconstitutional regional planning councils). Thus people aren’t considered as discrete independent individuals.  Rather, people are considered assets of the state, factors of production, “human capital, human resources, human infrastrucure” to be managed by  the owner of the state and the elite minions and useful idiots who administer the system.

September 13, 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack and Coca-Cola Americans President Steve Cahillana announced a PPP to restore and protect damaged watersheds on National lands. Cahillana said to create healthier, more Sustainable Communities. This opened my eyes. United Nations Sustainable Communities, Agenda21 stated goals of controlling all forms of water supply. Today Biden’s unelected secretaries, including newly appointed Tom Vilack and local mayors collude with Chinese Communist party on Agriculture policy.

United Nations Agenda21 from the U.N. Bruntland Commission in 1992 says that No private enterprise should exist, only PPP’S.  Business is evil, should be controlled by the community, while the owner is responsible, and pays taxes. These ideas are tenets of Socialism/Marxism.

“ESG (Environment-Social(Justice)-Governance) Credit Score system that is replacing the traditional Credit Score system we have always used in the past.  This new credit score system will score businesses on how well they tow the globalist line.  WELL, what a coincidence….Biden(Obama) just announced he wants to do away with all the traditional credit bureaus.  Of course he said this is necessary because there are racial disparities in the current system.  But of course never mentions it will be replaced with ESG Credit Scores coming from the fascist government. There are several major banks that already use ESG and it is part of the Great Reset and the new economy, stakeholder capitalism (fascism).  Individuals that are patriots, conservative, vote Republican will end up on the low end of this system and will not be able to get a mortgage loan or a loan for any reason.  Again, this is why you are seeing businesses fighting states on their laws.  Business in bed with government ends up making slaves out the tax payer and destroys our Constitution and states rights. Again, using race to drive the Great Reset agenda.” Karen Bracken

Note: In the Infrastructure Bill of $3.5 Trillion, grants will be given to companies that comply.  Hefty penalties will be placed on companies that don’t demand their employees or customers vax, while rebates are given to those who buy union autos.  

When your local government authorities start to exceed their constitutionally granted powers by working with Private International and National organizations through PPP’S, they no longer represent the people, the U.S. Constitution, freedom, and their oath of office. These are people that are so self centered with their own careers, self worth, and power status, that they have sold their souls to the communists.

Is America Worth Saving?

Will you make sure you research every candidate that you vote for? This is what we have to do as Americans to save our country, and to make sure our children are not made slaves to an un-Christian Nation of corruption.

Will you pay attention, run for office and attend meetings in your local community?

Will you share the truth with others who may not be like minded but want to hear the truth?

Will you contact your legislature and voice your opinion?  House 202-225-0911, Senate 202-224-0911, or

G-d Bless America, and Her People.

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