Plot to Give Tax-funded Healthcare & Benefits to Illegals

The American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (ACSC) has issued a new Report, “Racism & Health Equity: Subsidizing Minority and Undocumented Populations,” outlining a sinister scheme that would shock everyday Americans.

“Racism” narratives are being used to move America into fascism and it is being done under the guise of public health. The ultimate goal is to overthrow capitalism.

According to critical race theorists, “poverty is structural, embedded, institutionalized, and systemic requirement to maintain capitalism’s efficacy; it is an ongoing outcome of hegemony, patriarchy, and a capitalistic economic structure.”

Why should people care? Americans need to understand what is going on so they can speak out on the issues. The issues are not hard to understand. The report explains it all, simply, easily and explains what needs to be done to challenge policies.

The idea of “racism as public health crisis” is a confluence of environmental justice and critical race theory. Both stem from Marxist ideology; both seek to redistribute wealth through “equity.” With climate change solutions, when CO2 goes down, “health” equity goes up. That is the central theme for redistribution of wealth.

Health agencies and health departments across America have been given extraordinary emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This visibility has increased environmental justice narratives and has emboldened health department’s power in the country.

Former attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, now the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary under the Biden administration, has committed to collecting health data by race.

“Racism & Health Equity: Subsidizing Minority and Undocumented Populations” provides a quick overview of the events that led up to the CDC deeming racism a public health threat and provides a detailed review how it ties in with recent events.

  • The report provides a brief historical perspective of how climate change solutions intercede with policy to subvert local governments. The report shows how these solutions are embedded in local cities/counties and how international climate change influences work at the local level to build consensus for National policy changes.
  • The report examines the genesis of the “racism as a public health crisis mantra” and the resolutions that inspire them. Identified are the conditions that fomented them. Critiques of resolutions are presented as case studies for people seeking solutions in their own communities.
  • Marxist critical race theory is addressed and how it is being used to emphasize environmental justice, to codify health equity pushed by government, local nonprofit corporations and higher education.
  • The conclusion offers a review and action items that people can implement to challenge policies.

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