The Most Terrifying Warning Yet on COVID Shots

In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine’s Senior Editor Alex Newman, internationally renowned German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies.

Even more alarming is his assertion that the COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a world-wide cataclysm of unprecedented proportions, including mass death among those who take them.

Starting off, Dr. Bhakdi, the retired chief of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz, explains that the PCR used to “diagnose” COVID cases has been abused to produce fear in a way that is unscientific.

Next, he explains what the mRNA vaccines are going to do to the human body using analogies and language that anyone can understand.

Among other concerns, he expects massive death due to deadly clotting as well as immune system responses that will destroy the human body.

Finally, Bhakdi, who warned of impending “doom” during a Fox News interview that went viral, calls for criminal prosecutions of the people responsible, as well as an immediate halt to this global experiment.

Watch and share to get this important warning to all Americans before it’s too late.

12 thoughts on “The Most Terrifying Warning Yet on COVID Shots”

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    michael savell

    The whole thing is a fraud and many people know it.The problem with Bhakdi is that he is difficult to understand and others are easier.Since there are a lot of experts now speaking out,read them and form your own opinion and then ACT on it.A special court will have to be used to try these people but politicians must NOT be left off the list because they are all guilty of murder that was planned in 2017.HCQ would have sorted this out by first prescribing
    200 mgs of it to young people and working up to the elders.I used to take this every day in the army and I have never seen anyone become ill because of it.It has to be taken with Zinc but is the gateway for the zinc to fill the ACE2 receptor to prevent the spike protein attaining command of the T cell.Azithromycin assists the whole process and many people have been cured of Covid in 1-2 days.The whole 2 weeks course must be taken though.
    To stop people buying it all stocks were bought up in Jan 2019 and the 2nd biggest maker from Tiawan was bombed not so long ago.You figure.

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      Marissa Storey

      That’s odd. I think Bhakdi is easy to understand. I like the way he uses other things to describe how the vaccines and the body works. That’s a good teacher in my book.
      I imagine he’s considered eccentric because he is passionate and expressive, and this would likely be used against him. Which is ridiculous. As if someone more dry is more trustworthy!?!

      Ivermectin another therapeutic they could have been using.

  2. Thank you Alex and especially a HUGE thanks to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi for delivering this highly relevant interview in a easy to understand format. My love to you both and please Dr. stay safe!! We have lost enough Dr’s that have dared speak up against the “TPTB”!
    Me, I will NEVER submit to taking this so called vaccination/gene therapy. And that for many reasons, not only that I do believe that it is lethal. I know how long the pharmaceutical industry has tried and failed to create a Corona Virus vaccine. This due to that I have been a registered breeder of pedigree cats for more than 20 yrs. Along with working with cat rescue for another 20+ yrs. I have taken care of so many kittens and cats both tame and feral that have had various strains of Corona viruses. New born motherless kittens so sick that they’ve lived inside my shirt/bra, to keep warm, so I could have them near me when they needed help, warmth, love and feeding. We the “cat people”, have been begging Big Pharma for a Corona virus vaccine for many many years, to no avail, since every vaccine they have tried to create, has ALWAYS killed the test animals, once they have been subjected to the live virus after they have been vaccinated…
    So, here they come with a so called vaccine, that has NOT been through animal testing, claiming it is safe… Ehhh… NO!!!!!
    I have not had the virus myself, nor has anyone close to me but, just for the heck of it, I did take an antibody test for Corona and I do have antibodies. If that is due to me perhaps having had a asymptomatic CV-virus or, if it is due to that I have lived, slept and breathed corona viruses for so many years, due to all of the sick cats I have cared for and nursed back to health, I don’t know…
    I do however KNOW that I have a very strong immune system but, not only that, I have several “mutations” within my own body’s system (which at times is a pain in the rear) which is one reason I have always taken extra vitamins, minerals and supplements, along with vitamin D3, Zinc, vitamin C and these past near 2 yrs. a small dose of quinine daily. I have had only ONE vaccination throughout my life and I’m alive and well at 61 now… and that was when I was a child of 8 yrs. old when my adopted parents wanted to go to Mexico on vacation.
    Since I had never received any vaccinations prior to that, I was forced to get the Smallpox vaccine. It landed me in the ICU for 4 days, fighting for my life. When they removed the small metal cap they used to put over the vaccination site a week later, there was no sign of the vaccination, no scar, nothing… My body had totally eradicated the vaccination.
    Furthermore, I can not receive a blood transfusion from someone with my own blood type or, from a universal donor. If I do (which I have once) I’m unconscious within minutes and my body declares WW3,4 and 5 on the incoming foreign DNA. This resulted in me instantly being taken off the blood donor list. I asked why, but was never given an answer…
    Further, even though our parents back in the 60ies, would send us kids down the block to whatever kid had the Chickenpox, mumps, measles etc. Just so that we would get the illness and become immune, I went to several of these “parties” but never got any of the diseases. I have never ever had the flu and last time I had a cold, which lasted for barely 3 days with only the sniffles, was over 15 yrs ago. I trust my own immune system and NO ONE will force anything on me against my will. If I want to commit suicide, thank you. I’ll go home and take care of that myself!
    None of my now adult children have ever been vaccinated and will NOT submit to this poison either. That’s not because I’ve told them they shouldn’t, they have grown up with strong immune systems and refuse to jeopardize anything.

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    Kathy Accomando

    This is why wearing the masks and staying 6 ft apart is so dangerous as it weakens your immune system.

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    Kathy Accomando

    This is what I said to many people. “We are more than” they” are” If we all stand together “they” could do nothing! This is why “they” try to divide us!!

  5. I will shared with my circle.  It is outside your focus — and for good reason so as to avoid losing the message in new layers. But I do think that CV19 was part of a four-prong attack, which “prongs” all track with your thesis:

    1. CV19 cult. Amen. Anyone seeing the thug security apparatus taking down people at stores and public venues, sees how the mind control has worked. Or consider this week’s viral clip of the elderly lady in London(?) violently arrested for putting anti-lockdown stickers around the town.

    2.  White Privilege, BLM, Critical Race Theory. These ideas metastasized from annoying PC to another mind control mantra, where one is shouted down for such blasphemy as saying BLM is a Marxist organization. This and the related Antifa/BLM riots were, i think, a thread in the CV19 New Normal fabric to teach people to shut up and obey the “Great Reset” received wisdom..  

    3.  “Climate Emergency!”  The Global Left leaders have not been very coy that the control they gained via CV19 reactions is to be the launch platform for permanent restrictions of lifestyle and movement due to “Climate emergency.”

     4.  Permanent control measures.  As Reagan said, the closest man has come to eternal life is government programs. The “vaccine passports” are here, intended to be permanent –even as they are falsely  termed “temporary”– and will progress to brooder internal passports via common access card chips, and, yes, in the not far future, implantable chips — first for convenience naturally, then mandated.

    This all points to Agenda 30 and is not only the “Great Reset, but the Great Deception.

  6. If dr Bhakdi appears passionate, it is because he sees the end game, he sees where this all leads to: the loss of our civilisation. It is the ultimate consequence of the development we are in and have embraced.
    Please reader, think about where this leads to. If this development rolls on without enough restraint, it will be devastating for mankind as a whole.
    I am very passionate as well, but have no means to reach a large audience, but for this comment.

  7. It’s a terrorist act to promote corona virus as needing so much “help” It’s hell to need help as it is. Now the help is deadly. There’s a lot of feel good people that think they want to stay vaccine protected. Many people are not believing in god’s divine design, which means garden living. They want up and coming modern technology to take care of them. Divine design is pushed aside as not important when gardening is the most important. But why is this happening? They need people dead and gone and if born again fresh amnesia memory wiped for the reason they can’t figure out the vampires underground. Nobody covering much of it except Steven D Kelley of or he’s still on youtube and many people have to keep reposting his stuff, as it get’s deleted. Basically “The whole world is a blood and loosh factory” The predators and genetic engineers live underground with the spaceships and people just think some website is gonna explain. Only the top psychics can figure it out and tell other’s. We have vampires and all kinds of humanoids and swamp creatures too that exist on earth. They want people in cities where they can control them finding out what’s going on. The satanics are involved as surface dwellers because they also try and live on fresh live blood to serve the underground, and hope to become vampires if they get accepted. Military is in on it with underground bases. They know. This is what the recruiter said to my brother in 1974. “It’s a predator prey world, you can either enlist and become a predator or not and live your whole life as the prey”. He enlisted and lives that way to dominate to this day but….lot’s of military are sorry they ever took the job. They got karma and they weren’t supposed to be on the dark path or wanted to get off of it. The same thing goes for big pharma and all these sorry arse college degreed smart people who are whistle blowing now.

  8. I think they should keep elaborating on expectations of the vaccine death up ahead. I know the angels can do things about this, and certain things can be healed out of nowhere if they want someone to live. Figure they will make people live with enough illness to tell the other’s. Something cleaned up the deadly Fukushima radiation before it kept on killing people. Lot’s died but something ethereal did a lot to mitigate and stop things. So they let people learn hard lessons. Not sure how that carries on to the next lifetime with the hard heads, feel goods, go getter aggressives, just plain ignorant or stupid, etc….

    I guess we really want to know the future now but that’s never been known too much, for example the science numbers on Fukushima radiation should have killed all of earth already. The numbers don’t work because ethereals can clear up radiation and it seems the scientists are challenging the ethereals, angels, fairies, etc…these exist and do watch earth but few can see higher density existence……

    I know some poison is a sure thing that kills people and people have challenged poison and survived. Figure some get saved somehow.

    So science is repeatedly challenging humans…..It’s weird when people go to doctor’s and trust them…they are there to experiment/practice on them and never give a care about failed surgery. Killing people or war triage killing is normal and legal for them, but it’s kept secret from people….They think people are so stupid or poor and burdensome to the system so they deserve to die. That’s considered part of the job. Death is normal so why not? We live shit short lives anyway compared to what they say it once was on earth.

    People in charge of death in the ethereal worlds are working reincarnations and birth spots which includes the AI beings with spaceships collecting souls and the angels or higher density beings. They are quiet as usual as if they don’t exist is how it is. The secrecy of other worlds, this is not much fun to people on earth…Somehow they know about what’s going on and let people go through whatever. Thinking about it why people suffer seems either pain or losses from putting too much hope into a lifetime. People don’t think about how short it is, they just hope to get the get. This kind of person winds up trusting doctor’s instead of realize they got karma.

  9. When the news come out that the shot it is causing menstrual problems due to blood clots, miscarriages and infertility in men I think there is going to be a World wide uproar.

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