Great Reset: Targeting Your Mindset – Alex Newman

The “Great Reset” being pursued by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and other power centers is a dangerous move that will end liberty and all that Christians hold dear.

That was the warning offered by Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman on the VCY America TV program InFocus with Jim Schneider.

In this episode of the show, Newman and Schneider break down the true unbiblical agenda behind this global program to “reset” the economy, governance, the environment, and so much more. The “reset” is toward tyranny.

Basically, Newman argues that the “Great Reset” agenda is essentially the opposite of what the God of the Bible teaches. This applies to private property, the nation state, family, marriage, education, and so much more.

Also discussed is the effort to unify the world’s religions–and effort that Pope Francis and the Vatican are helping to lead. Newman said the Bible offers much insight on these questions.

Governments all over the world are already onboard. In fact, operatives with the Communist Party of China–the most murderous party in human history–are helping to lead the way.

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