Poor Nations Demand Climate Reparations From U.S. During COP28

The New American sent a team to the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where climate cultists are aggressively pushing destructive measures that will deindustrialize and impoverish Americans. TNA’s Alex Newman and Steve Bonta discuss the anti-American rhetoric being spouted at the conference, vehement calls from developing nations for “climate reparations,” the absence of dissident reporting on the scene, and the aggressive goal of ending fossil fuels despite the host country’s refusal to buy in to it.

Video timeline:

@ 7:08 | This is really about control

@ 11:25 | “The tolerance level for dissent” among reporters is “rapidly shrinking”

@ 22:15 | COP 28 President Sheik Al Jaber’s comments that there is “no science” behind agenda to end fossil fuels 

@ 37:10 | Poor nations demand that the climate reparations money start flowing … “yesterday”


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