This American could tell from the smug looks on their arrogant faces that these DC Swamp creatures* didn’t view themselves as “public servants.”  They knew that their questioners, ELECTED members of the US House, couldn’t put a glove on them even if they lied under oath.  Congressmen come, and congressmen go, but DC’s Mandarins remain, some for DECADES.


Prior to the 1911 revolution, the Chinese Empire was run by bureaucrats much like our Deep State.  In theory, these “public servants” were appointed by the Emperor or Empress.  In reality, over time, positions within the Mandarin hierarchy developed into a power structure.  Entry into the Mandarin Class was granted by higher ranked Mandarins, in return for favors.  The emperor had little control over Mandarins.   

Mandarins enjoyed very high status in Chinese society.  They were able to read & write at a time when most of the masses were uneducated.  They controlled the country for their own benefit, in complete disregard for the needs & wants of the masses.  No one was allowed to question their work, nor their loyalty to the Emperor.

American Mandarins (AKA Deep State) pretend to be serving “We The People.”  In reality, most federal bureaucrats are serving themselves and/or their selfish political goals far more than they are serving Americans.  Most of their activities are hidden from view, and they cover for each other’s ill deeds.

Unlike the Chinese Mandarins who wore buttons on their caps** so the masses would recognize them & grovel at their feet, most American Mandarins work in anonymity.  Americans know their names only if they reach the heights of Mandarin power (for example, Susan Rice, who is actually making most of the decisions in today’s White House) and/or their corruption comes to light (for example, FBI Director James Comey).  Before the Era of Trump, the average American understood little about the inner workings of Mandarins in the DC Swamp.


My readers already have a good idea why American Mandarins’ venomous fangs came out on November 8, 2016 and have not yet been retracted.  But, allow me to add my take:

American Mandarins have been grifting off the American people for decades, as taxes got ever higher, and the average American got ever poorer.  That’s why nine out of the ten wealthiest counties are in the Washington DC Metro Area.  They expected their grift and their power to strengthen & expand under Hillary Clinton’s presidency. But, along came Donald J. Trump, an outsider who wasn’t a member of the Mandarin Class, who knew Americans were being cheated. Actually, it wasn’t Trump who exposed them. Many American Mandarins exposed themselves in their irrational zeal to get rid of the first America-First & Americans-First president since Reagan.

Americans think we are electing presidents, senators & congresspeople to run the government, but American Mandarins control 99% of what happens in the DC Swamp. 

Presidents come, and presidents go.  Senators come, and senators go.  Congressmen come, and congressmen go.  But American Mandarins stay forever.  Just one example of the lengths American Mandarins go to maintain their power:

*During the House impeachment hearings in late 2019 Americans discovered that American Mandarins had been surveilling our ELECTED president, Donald J. Trump, throughout his tenure, gathering information they hoped to use against him.  Watching & listening to the testimony of these long time “public servants” should have disgusted and worried every American.
The Hate-America cult in DC was able to sneak many Marxist spies into Trump’s White House & the Trump Administration.  One example was Fiona Hill, who was hired as Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European & Russian Affairs on Trump’s National Security Council.  FIONA HAD WORKED FOR GEORGE SOROS FOR SIX YEARS!  During her testimony, hatred for America and for Trump dripped from her fangs.
Another example of an American Mandarin planted in the White House to spy on President Trump was Lt. Col Alexander Vindman.  He was Director of European Affairs for the US National Security Council (NSC) from July 2018 to February 2020.  His arrogance came through loud & strong at the impeachment hearings when he corrected a Republican congressperson:  “My title is not ‘Mister!’  I have worked very hard for the title of ‘Lt. Colonel’ and you will address me by my proper title.”
Obama appointed Marie Yovanovitch as US Ambassador to Ukraine in 2016.  Trump fired her in 2019 because she was part of corruption wherein American tax dollars flowed into Ukraine and were siphoned off by both Ukraine’s ruling elite and by some within America’s ruling elite, including Joe & Hunter Biden.  During the impeachment hearing superiority flowed from her very being when she was questioned by GOP congressmen.
**The nine ranks of Mandarins were clear to all by the type of button each wore on his cap.

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