Fireworks in Congress, HUGE Vote Fraud, Dollar Meltdown & Border Horror | Liberty Hour Ep. 17

Leading experts join Liberty Hour this week including Trump attorney Christina Bobb to discuss the vote fraud and how to fix it going into 2024, economist and theologian Dr. Kirk Elliot to discuss what is happening to the dollar and how to protect wealth, and finally retired military expert and Saxon Unmanned CEO John Ferguson and pro-life leader Heather Hobbs to explain the horrors happening at the border. News below.

In the news segment, Alex breaks down:

–War on Cash accelerates: “Visa will be awarding up to $500,000 to 50 eligible US-based small business food service owners who commit to joining the 100% cashless quest,” the credit card company wrote in a press release. Alex first sounded the alarm in 2012 when Visa, MC, UN, et al joined Better Than Cash alliance. Digital slavery on the way!

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–WH economic adviser claims Americans are better off now than before pandemic. It’s like Soviet propaganda–everyone knows its a lie but they do it anyway!

-World Economic Forum chief propaganda officer Adrian Monck resigns as global outrage against the globalist cabal and the “Great Reset” grow. Before leaving, he blamed Russia, bots, and the far-right for the escalating disgust against the WEF agenda.

–DisRespect for Marriage Act fallout continues: — Ask the young Georgia policeman who’s out of a job over his beliefs. Less than a month after President Joe Biden signed his name to the law upending marriage in all 50 states, Jacob Kersey, a 19-year-old rookie of the Port Wentworth Police Department, was told by his supervisors that his views on marriage were too “offensive.”

–UN wants this tyranny worldwide, working on a report that calls on governments to smash religious freedom under the guise of protecting LGBT rights, according to a report in The Daily Caller. A UN announcement declared that the dictators club will push governments to “fully comply with their obligations under international human rights law to protect and empower LGBT+ persons.” The announcement was blunt: “Religious and spiritual narratives have also historically been used to promote, enable, and condone institutional and personal violence and discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity (real or presumed); repress sexual and gender diversity; and promote cis-gendered and heteronormative norms of sexual orientation and gender identity,” the announcement read. “These practices cannot be justified under the rubric of Freedom of Religious Beliefs, or indeed any other human right, to circumvent and defeat the rights of marginalized populations.”

–UN boss Antonio Guterres, former leader of Socialist International, calls for ramped up global censorship efforts.

–Elon Musk responds with priceless comments: The UN is more likely to cause, rather than prevent, disinformation

–Musk also blasted the Global Engagement Center as worst offender in US government. Said it was a “threat to our democracy” – of course America is not a Democracy but a Republic.

–Twitter Suspends Republican Senator Steve Daines Account Over Hunting Photo with his wife:

–MTG scorches Big Tech censors at hearing. It gets better as she brings up the child-porn elephant in the room:

–Rep Nancy Mace of NC, who said she was injured by the vax, also grilled Twitter’s censorship guru on why they silenced leading doctors who expressed concerns.

–Rep. Clay Higgins warns the Twitter employees that their depositions and arrests will soon be waiting for them.

–A coalition of numerous Michigan lawmakers rallied in front of a Pfizer earlier this week. I spoke with several of them, including Rep, Brad Paquette whose heart was damaged by the Covid injection, and they want answers + accountability.

–Back at Twitter censorship hearing this week, AOC tried to help the Big Brother Big Tech censorship allies of the White House by asking about Libs of Tik Tok and then lying about how Libs of Tik Tok supposedly lied about Boston Children’s Hospital mutilating children with hysterectomies. IN reality, all the account did was post a video that this disgusting institution had posted on its own site bragging about it. Here is the video they posted:

–Newsmax deplatofrmed by ATT & DirecTV: Group of senators sent a letter last week to the cable provider demanding information about the decision alleging that this “may be the latest example of big business suppressing politically disfavored speech at the behest of liberal Democrats.” I’ve been on Newsmax, including some of their top shows, and even though it’s better than a lot of other options, it leaves much to be desired. Censorship unacceptable.

–Even as Biden and Dems step up war on gun rights, federal courts are rolling back regs. A federal district judge in Oklahoma ruled Friday that a federal law prohibiting people who use marijuana from owning firearms is unconstitutional, citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling that significantly expanded gun rights. This is the latest challenge to firearms regulations since the conservative-majority SCOTUS set new standards last year for interpreting the Second Amendment. In United States of America v. Jared Michael Harrison, defense attorneys argued that Harrison’s Second Amendment rights were being violated by the Gun Control Act, which makes it illegal for anyone “who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance” to possess firearms or ammunition. The lawyers claimed the law was not consistent with the nation’s “historical tradition of firearm regulation,” noting the SCOTUS ruling last June in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

–House of Representatives passed HR 185 introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie to end Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate placed on international air visitors to the United States. Passed with help from more than half-dozen Dems. “The CDC’s unscientific mandate is separating too many people from their families and has been doing so for far too long. It needs to end. No free country, other than the United States, requires international visitors to prove they’ve taken the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine mandate is keeping families separated, hurting our economy, and preventing some of the best athletes in the world from competing here. We need to join the rest of the free world in returning to normal. Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and all of South and Central America have no such mandate. I urge the Senate to take up and pass my legislation quickly.”

–CBS still under fire for satanic “unholy” performance, brought to you by Pfizer. Deleted Tweet saying “ready to worship.” If you didn’t see the freak show yet, we included a small part of it: 

Guest 1: Subject: Election Integrity – Christina Bobb, Stealing Your Vote

Author of the excellent new book Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024, endorsed by Trump and including introduction by Steve Bannon.

Christina has an incredible bio, which includes serving as attorney for President Donald J. Trump and working closely with him to further the America First agenda. Most notably, she was his legal representative onsite during the unprecedented raid by the FBI on Mar-a-Lago. She also has a background as an investigative reporter and attorney who has spent most of the past two years traveling the country to explore and report on the growing mountain of evidence of election fraud and mismanagement. Christina was a television show host and correspondent with One America News Network from 2020 to 2022. In the wake of the 2020 election, she reported almost exclusively on election integrity. Christina’s efforts covering the 2020 election, and highlighting the irregularities, have been so successful that other news networks are reporting on her. Advised state leaders on how to initiate investigations in their own states. Began legal career in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as a defense counsel representing marines and sailors in court-martial and administrative separation hearings. She also served in multiple overseas tours including Afghanistan and Germany. After military joined a law firm and eventually moved to Washington, DC, where she held executive level positions within the Department of Homeland Security.

Guest 2: Economic Crisis? Dr. Kirk Elliot, double PhD, one in theology, one in economics:

Kirk has a PhD in Economics and Public Policy as well as in Theology. Dr. Elliott has been as a wealth manager for over two decades and serves a global clientele through a company he founded, Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors.

He donates a percentage of his company’s revenues to conquer child sex trafficking. Worried about your retirement? Stressed about the future? You don’t need to be! Growth, Income, and security can be in your future.

Nominated for a Trump committee position, advisor to CEOs, religious leaders and politicians.

He has his hands in everything; he is the fearless leader that’s driving this spaceship. Kirk lives in downtown Denver with his wife, 15 year old son, and 6 month old CavaPoo named Ted. He has a passion for seeing the streets of Denver restored and the homelessness eradicated. In his free time he is on the streets, loving on the broken and mentoring inmates and former gang members. When he is not doing that, he is shredding on his electric guitar.

Th.D. Theology Phoenix University of Theology

Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration Walden University

M.A. International Studies University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

B.S. Business Administration University of Colorado

Central banks closed out 2022 with reported net purchases of 28 tons of gold in December. Including large unreported purchases, this brought total central bank gold buying in 2022 to 1,136 tons. It was the second-highest level of net purchases on record dating back to 1950, and the 13th straight year of net central bank gold purchases.– Total 2022 central bank purchases of 1,136 tons represented a 152% increase from 2021. It was the highest level of annual net central bank gold purchases ever, including since the suspension of dollar convertibility into gold in 1971.

Guest 3: Border Wars: Saving Children: Heather Hobbs, Pro-Life Leader,

John Ferguson, Border Expert, CEO. Heather is a nationally and internationally published writer featured by various Pro-Life organizations such as; Live Action News, LifeSiteNews, Save The 1, Secular Pro-Life, Save The Storks, National Right to Life News, and many more. You can also find some of her quotes featured on news outlets such as CBS, NBC, and several others. She travels state to state to speak on behalf of Pro-Life bills and to speak against those that would harm children in the womb. Heather Hobbs is an Anti-Abortion Speaker, advocate for life, warrior against human trafficking, rape survivor, domestic violence activist, wife to an amazing husband, and mother of four children based in Texas. She focuses on the so-called “hard” cases as she was urged and pressured by medical doctors to abort three of her four children. She is available nationally and internationally for your events.

– John Ferguson is a seasoned professional with extensive experience both in the military and the private sector. A former U.S. Marine Reconnaissance Scout Swimmer, John has travelled to over 80 countries around the world and seen the devastating impact of human trafficking and illegal drug trade first-hand. According to international statistics, American men are among the largest consumers of trafficked individuals, fueling a global epidemic that impacts millions of lives.

As the CEO of Saxon Unmanned, ( a military grade UAV manufacturer) John uses his expertise and drone technology to help fight these illegal activities at America’s borders, as well as assist other countries with their own border security efforts. With a deep commitment to preserving the security and freedom of nations around the world, John is a true patriot and a fierce advocate for those who have fallen victim to the horrors of human trafficking and the drug trade.

According to recent statistics, fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are responsible for a growing number of overdose deaths in the US, with the number of fentanyl-related deaths increasing dramatically in recent years.

As a former military veteran and the head of a cutting-edge drone technology company, John is well-positioned to tackle this problem head-on. He uses his resources and expertise to support efforts to prevent illegal drugs and other contraband from crossing the border, and to help those who have been impacted by the opioid epidemic. With his unwavering commitment to the security and well-being of the American people, John is a true hero in the fight against the drug cartels and human traffickers.

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