Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief Joins Us Live Tonight at 9:30 EST HERE

8/10/2020TONIGHT, we officially launch the media side of Liberty Sentinel. “Unraveling the Narrative: The Globalist Report” aims to spread LIBERTY worldwide independently with both radio and video versions. Survivalist, and conservative legend, Joel Skousen will be our first guest.

You can find Joel Skousen at along with his new edition of Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places, 4th Edition. He is a main commentator for World Affairs Brief, former Chairman of the Conservative National Committee, and a decorated USMC fighter pilot. He has been writing books on liberty and relocation since 1984, and he has a decorated career in conservative politics as a visionary.

Joel has spent decades documenting the safest places to relocate to in America, and he is willing to help our audience for free. Tonight, while tensions for some of our readers are at their highest, we want to provide solutions, and we hope you join us at 9:30 PM EST. Joel hosts individual consultations through his website if you would like to learn more, but tonight is free. We aim to put our current turmoil in historical perspective, let you know the best place to live, and get you thinking about your future safety.

Alex Newman also hosts weekly to provide hard-hitting journalism, new angles, and answer your questions. “UTN: The Globalist Report” kicks off Liberty Week with a live chat daily, guest list, and more. We hope you join us, get active, and participate in this rhetorical fight for our future before it turns violent. We will need prayers and shares to survive a media world that is rotten to its core with large donors, special interest groups, and political operatives. We have numerous ways to support the show if you are able to so that we can continue to only serve you without sponsorship, but the best way to support the truth is to spread it everywhere you can.

God Bless America. We hope to see you tonight here where you can subscribe for free. The podcast version will be posted the following day, and we will provide all the new ways to watch and listen as they come up. We hope to see you all week as we launch.

*ALL CONTACT for media, tips, or email list: [email protected]

*Guest List for Liberty Week is posted here. We make everything public, but we hope you support us, so we can keep the show ad free and can get it to those who need it the most during these times of tyranny and confusion.

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