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Last night, we launched our new project, UTN| The Globalist Report with Alex Newman! Conservative visionary and author of Strategic Relocation, Joel Skousen, was our first live guest. Below you can find the full replay if you missed the live show.

“Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief and Strategic Relocation joins us to help you and your family prepare for the coming turmoil in America. We discuss communism, the current COVID narrative, and WWIII! Join the fastest growing Liberty movement and subscribe as we continue Liberty Week!”

*We will continue to post our live show 24 hours later on PodBean, ITunes, TuneIN, and more. We need your help to continue to share the content and participate in the live chats. Our goal is to have the most active liberty community on the internet. Feel free to share the videos on your own page with links back to the website or live feed. Word of mouth is the only way this collaborative activism will continue to succeed, and we are determined to be your voice while bringing you accurate news and commentary.

*As we attempt to remain independent from funding, we hope you will support us through our Patreon at, so we do not have to take on any corporate sponsors. It also helps keep the show free for those who need the information. Eventually, we would love to host 5 days per week and bring your voice into this conversation now while our country is under siege by forces that wish to destroy the current world order. We do not have much time if we do not all unite, and that is exactly our aim.

TONIGHT 9/11/2020 we continue Liberty Week with our scheduled Globalist Report Q&A with Alex Newman at 9:30 PM EST. Join the chat, leave your questions, and meet like-minded people. We hope to see you there!

*The full guest list is posted on our Patreon for now, but we will continue to upload the previous episode here if you want to bookmark and share this page.

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