‘Psychotic’ & ‘Anti-Human’ UN ‘Climate’ Deal a Break from Reality: Leading Skeptic

The United Nations “climate” agreement reached at the COP28 in Dubai represents a “psychotic” and “anti-human” scheme that is a break from reality, but the danger of the merging “climate” hysteria with health and medical power grabs is a real threat, warned ClimateDepot.com Editor Marc Morano in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Morano, who has attended 18 of the last 20 UN climate summits, said that UN climate alarmists are happy about Biden’s commitments to shut down most U.S. electrical power generation. Huge land grabs and much more is on the agenda, too. In the second segment, Morano explains how Americans can work to stop this—and why it is so essential.  

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