‘Public’ School Madness: Military-Supported ‘Vaccination’ of Students in Idaho

I am writing this update as a warning to all parents in this country that actually care about their children. The government (‘public’) school system is atrocious at best, and any that can remove their children from that heinous system should do so immediately.

In Coeur D’Alene, Idaho during this past week, the Canfield Middle School was used to stage a remote ‘vaccination’ site, apparently set up and authorized by the Idaho Panhandle Health District. This was manned, monitored, and facilitated by the Idaho National Guard. In other words, this was a joint health department, school system, and military operation for a school district approved student vaccination project.

There has been a high level of local concern and rightful outrage due to this insanity, and of course the school district has claimed to have no responsibility for their complicity in this event. In a letter sent to parents, the school attempted to disclaim all responsibility even though this was held at the school, with military supervision, and local police blocking off and guarding the site.

“We are dismayed to see that inaccurate and inflammatory information is being shared about this event. For the record:

1. This is not a school or school district-sponsored vaccination clinic. It is a Panhandle Health District clinic that is being offered outside of Canfield Middle School, as a courtesy to families who have requested access to vaccination.
2. This is a completely voluntary vaccination opportunity for families who chose to get the vaccine. No one is compelled to get the vaccine. Only students whose parents or guardians have opted for them to get the vaccine will participate.
3. The Pfizer vaccine is approved for individuals ages 12 and older. Anyone under age 18 will not be allowed to receive the vaccine unless they have signed consent from a parent or guardian.
4. Members of the Idaho National Guard will be on hand to assist with clinic logistics, as they have been doing for months. Gov. Brad Little dispatched the Guard last November to assist in the state’s vaccination effort. We ask that the public show respect to our Guardsmen as they perform their duties in assisting medical professionals.”

This explanation holds no water, as this was held on school property, and at the school doors, with students being led out by school staff and National Guard troops. The students in the video did not look excited about being injected, and this looked more like a military event than any voluntary procedure.

For the record, the Idaho State Code, Title 39, chapter 28 states:

UNNECESSARY. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a minor fourteen (14) years of age or older who may have come into contact with any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease may give consent to the furnishing of hospital, medical and surgical care related to the diagnosis or treatment of such disease, if the disease or condition is one which is required by law, or regulation adopted pursuant to law, to be reported to the local health officer. Such consent shall not be subject to disaffirmance because of minority. The consent of the parent, parents, or legal guardian of such minor shall not be necessary to authorize hospital, medical and surgical care related to such disease and such parent, parents, or legal guardian shall not be liable for payment for any care rendered pursuant to this section.

This contradiction is stark and obvious, and shows that no consent is required in order for the state thugs to inject, perform surgery, vaccinate, or any other medical procedure that fits under this broad-based code. And of course, any and all procedures by the state and its thugs allows all parents and guardians to be exempt from payment; just another incentive to gain control over children.

Regardless, why is it necessary to bring in military troops to monitor and assume authority over these kids in order to facilitate a ‘voluntary’ procedure? Is it possible for a 14 year old to be intimidated when confronted with military pressure and presence? I can tell you, it is deadly frightening, and these monsters fully understand this tactic.

This is an abomination, and a hard-handed form of trickery in order to inject these kids with toxic poisons meant to harm! It is a form of medical martial law by proxy and Fascist cooperation. If this can happen in a state like Idaho, it can happen everywhere.

Source links:

Canfield Middle School video

Idaho Code, Title 39, Chapter 38

Letter to parents

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  1. CalFire came to our unincorporated village of Borrego Springs, CA several times to give free COVID vaxxes this year. Then the local newspaper COVID cheerleaders organized a drive-by-and-honk salute of thanks to CalFire where they reported 59 cars participated. They did the vaxxes outside of the local library, which is to some extent the main public gathering place in town. I see no reason why paid CalFire employees should be giving out vaxxes. Are they doctors? No.

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    william t Lewis

    So the National Guard is controlled by the Governer, so does this mean the Gov is handling this situation and jabbing kids without parents permission???? I was thinking of moving to Idaho but don’t know about the move now.

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