Kovid Kult Demands Total Allegiance: Will you Fall for the Deception?

The cult of COVID has its own sacramental rites, its own punishment mechanisms for unbelievers, and its own twisted version of heaven on earth.

Let’s talk about the sacraments first.

It started with the ritualistic covering of one’s face. This was a must. Anyone who did not comply was punished by being banished from public marketplaces and forced to examine their conscience in the privacy of their own home. How could they be so mean and inconsiderate as to actually cite scientific studies showing masks don’t protect anyone from a virus?

The high priest of COVID, Dr. Tony Fauci, preached masks, masks, masks, after he confided in recently revealed emails with colleagues that masks are basically futile in protecting people from infection by a virus.

The mask ritual quickly gave way to an even higher form of sacramental worship, the needle in the arm carrying a first-of-its-kind experimental gene therapy.

We are to take it on faith that this new serum, never before given to human beings outside of a rushed clinical trial that lasted all of three months under sloppy scientific protocols, was effective. [See Children’s Health DefensePfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal, June 7, 2021]

But the high priest said it was good for us, so we must accept this as an article of faith.

Corporations immediately jumped on board to promote the new drug treatment and many of them were paid handsomely to administer it to the ignorant masses.

They are safe and effective, and free! And they cannot give you COVID! No lie was off limits. [See photo below of a sign at the entry to a Sam’s Club in Newnan, GA]

Sign at entry into Sam’s Club in Newnan, GA. Photo/Leo Hohmann

The truth is your tax dollars paid for those shots, they have not been tested for safety in the mid- and long-term, and not only can the shots give you COVID, fully vaccinated people have died of COVID. [See Fox News, Maine says 8 vaccinated residents died ‘with COVID-19’ June 8, 2021]

But anyone who questions the government-corporate talking points will be declared an apostate destined for a life of separation and segregation — an earthly hell.

Yes there is a religious-spiritual element to this whole thing.

How else do you explain how vaccinated people, those who swallow the ever-present propaganda, just cannot help themselves? These “saints” cannot resist the urge to proselytize us “sinners” who remain faithful to our God-given immune systems. They simply must inquire “have you gotten your shot yet?”

As if there is a syringe with your name on it waiting down at the local Walmart or Walgreens.

“It’s safe and effective, you know. Father Fauci says so.”

Would that be the same Fauci who paid for gain of function research in the U.S. and when that research was shut down for safety concerns he paid to have it moved to a lab in Wuhan, China, the same lab from which we now know the virus was “leaked?”

Oh, that Dr. Fauci. The one who is longtime buddies with Bill Gates and sits on the Gates Foundation’s leadership council for the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration? No conflicts of interest there, I’m sure.

And would that be the same Bill Gates who is on record saying he wants vastly fewer people on the earth (see his 2015 TED Talk) and sees vaccines as the key to achieving his depopulation dreams?

I have heard countless stories of people getting the shot only because a family member threatened to put them out of their life if they would not take the plunge and join the ranks of the jabbed.

It’s not good enough for some folks to get the shot as a matter of personal choice and leave it at that. No, they must try to convince others to join them.

The punishments for refusal are endless and creative.

If you speak out about why you believe the shots could be dangerous, regardless of your scientific data, your impeccable research abilities, etc., you are automatically banned from social media.

Dr. Naomi Wolff, a liberal author and journalist who dared to speak out against vaccine passports and medical tyranny, is the latest to get banned from Twitter.

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point is segregating 37 cadets who refuse to get the vaccine from campus facilities, forcing them to live in a single outdoor tent for the months of June and July.

Coaches from at least four NFL football teams risk losing access to players and the practice field over their refusal to take the jab, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reports.

If you want to attend a New York Islanders hockey game, you must either show proof you’ve been vaccinated or a negative COVID test, otherwise you get banished to the “socially distanced” section in the outer reaches of the stadium.

More than 2.5 million U.S. college students at some 350-plus universities have been told they cannot report for in-person classes this fall unless they get the shot.

I could go on with the punishments and humiliations but I think you get the picture. The two-tiered, segregated society is here. Not because the banished are sick but because they are healthy and refused to pledge their vows to the new global religion.

While resisters get punished, those who comply like to flaunt their new status as one of the true believers.

People pose with their vaccine certificates in selfies posted to their social media accounts. Facebook has encouraged people to do this and said it would catalogue every person according to their vaccine status, giving those unwilling to get the shot a high VH [vaccine hesitancy] score, which sounds a lot like the social-credit scoring system that’s been implemented by the communist rulers of the People’s Republic of China.

Oh, I almost forgot, wasn’t it Facebook and Google that helped the communist government of China implement its totalitarian social-credit system? So why should we be surprised that they, along with Twitter, are working with the Biden regime to do the same in this country?

This is all part of the religious fervor with which the vax is being promoted and the dissident sinners are being punished.

Watch the short video clip below where a young female healthcare worker picks up on this strange trend, noting the “religious” nature of the COVID vaccine.

This level of public pressure on people to get a specific pharmaceutical treatment is unprecedented in America.

The high priests demand that we partake of their secret serum, a type of blood sacrifice or sacrament that initiates people into the cult of COVID.

For those who refuse, the high priests threaten vaccine passports, which will identify, separate and ban the resisters from entering arenas, planes, public transport, restaurants, stores and other places of business.

For the obedient ones, the high priests promise entry into a glorious future kingdom they call the Great Reset [formerly called the New World Order].

Even if you’ve already had COVID and fully recovered, thereby gaining natural immunities to the disease, you still must get the needle in your arm to prove your allegiance to the new global cult.

This flies in the face of science. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic this week came out with a study showing recovered COVID patients do not get additional benefit from being vaccinated. [See Epoch TimesStudy: People who have recovered from COVID-19 unlikely to benefit from vaccine, June 9, 2021]

Even if you are a healthy child or young adult, who according to scientific data have virtually no risk of dying from COVID, you must kneel before the needle and get your sacramental rite of passage.

Even if you are a woman with a child in your womb, and don’t wish to place your baby at risk of this experimental drug, you must get the sacrament.

Even if you are disturbed by the record number of deaths reported to the federal government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], which shows 5,165 deaths reported in the five-month period between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 28, 2021, more deaths than have been reported for all the other vaccines combined over the last 22 years. That’s not a valid excuse for your cautionary pause when asked about the jab. Just shut up and kneel before the needle.

The young woman in the video above is not the first to notice the satanic mockery of true religion coming from the cult of COVID.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Italian former papal nuncio to the United States under Pope Benedict, also has noted the many counterfeits to real faith.

In an interview with LifeSite News, Vigano said:

“The Great Reset is not only the last stage prior to the establishment of the reign of the Antichrist, but it has acquired all of the connotations of a true religion, borrowing its language, creating ceremonies, appointing its own priests. The rituality of the present pandemic is quite obvious, especially in the way they have wanted to give the vaccine a sacramental value, to the point of resorting to priests and bishops – and even the pope himself – to promote it, even preaching that it is indispensable for salvation, identifying it as a ‘moral duty’ for every believer.”

Vigano had another important insight: In proclaiming their new religion, global predators Fauci, Gates and their minions have offered a substitute for the true sacrifice of Jesus Christ – a mock form of holy communion.

“In prohibiting the Holy Sacrifice to the true God and banning the administration of the true Sacraments, the new Covid religion has imposed itself with new hygienic rituals and new sacraments of health,” Vigano said.

“The faith of the disciple of the Coronavirus in the media narrative is the grotesque parody of the act of faith required of the Catholic, with the difference that the dogmas of the health religion to which unconditional assent is required are totally irrational, unreasonable, and illogical; there is not an adhesion to a truth that transcends reason but rather to a dogma that contradicts it, showing that, like all false religions, Covid crosses the line into superstition. Those who believe in Covid thus find themselves in the position of having to give proof of their submission to its sacred ministers, even in the face of concepts that are repugnant to medical science and common sense: the use of masks is obligatory even if they do not protect against contagion; the vaccine is imposed even if it does not give immunity, treatments not approved by the Health Sanhedrin are prohibited even if their effectiveness is obvious. And we should add: the more absurd the order that is given, the more the disciple feels that he is a member of the sect precisely by the very act of obeying.”

If the cult of COVID has its own sacramental rites, it also has its own heaven for those who offer up their souls. It’s called the Great Reset.

As Vigano astutely notes, no nation of people would ever vote for the Great Reset, if it were honestly described by its promoters.

They needed a big crisis in order to create fear, which would then be used to herd the sheep in the direction of their false paradise.

Again, Vigano brilliantly unpacks the deception behind the globalists’ humanistic heaven.

“The ‘Great Reset’ is an expression coined a few years ago by the Masonic elite that dominates the world. It means a sort of global revolution that has been decided on by this elite in order to ‘reset’ the entire social fabric, imposing a series of changes on the masses that are intended to prepare for the reign of the Antichrist, which in the absence of calamitous events would be difficult to have democratically adopted with their consent. The ideals of a better world, respect for the environment, fraternity between peoples, and inclusivity are only a hypocritical and deceptive way of delivering this revolution and cloaking it with an alleged nobility of purpose which in practice hides the true ends of the elite: by their own admission, ‘nothing will be as it was before.’”

Who are the key global predators behind the fraudulent utopia known as the Great Reset? Vigano answers that question, too.

“The elite which promotes the Great Reset is composed of the main world organizations, from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to the O.N.U., from the Trilateral Commission to the Bilderberg Group, with the support of their servants in governments, high finance, multinational corporations, and the media. This process has gone on for centuries, led by the great dynasties of capital such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who heavily interfere in the politics of nations thanks to their immeasurable wealth.”

Vigano believes the matrix is essentially Masonic, “both in the principles they express as well as the hatred they display towards religion, and even more towards Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we consider the requests promoted by the supporters of the Great Reset, we can trace them back to the triad of the French Revolution and Freemasonry: liberty, equality, and fraternity.”

Any discerning Christian who is instructed by biblical truth knows liberty, equality and fraternity are concepts that have been widely exploited by communists and Marxists.

 “… liberty means rebellion against the Sovereignty of God and His Holy Law; equality places all people on the same level, the lowest, denying the differences and individuality of each person, and above all annulling the fundamental distinction between those who recognize Christ as the One God and Lord and those who reject Him; and finally fraternity seeks to establish a society in which men can be brothers without any reference to the divine paternity of God or belonging to the family of the redeemed in Christ,” Vigano said.

“The Great Reset wants to overturn this connatural correspondence of man with his Creator, Lord, and Redeemer in a blasphemous parody: unhinging his memory, distorting his intellect, and perverting his will.

“Everything that is done in the name of globalist ideology has this unacknowledged but very evident purpose: we must no longer remember our past and our History, we must no longer know how to recognize Good and Evil, we must no longer desire virtue and reject vice; indeed, we are driven to condemn the Good as intolerant and to approve Evil as a liberation and redemption from Christian morality.”

We would be wise to heed these words from a great thinker and spiritual leader.

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