Call for Body Cameras in the Classroom

RENO, Nev./Christian Newswire/ — With more and more teachers choosing indoctrination over education, one parents’ rights activist has a novel proposal: make teachers wear body cameras.

Parents in Washoe County School District (WCSD) have become frustrated with the lack of transparency by teachers promoting a social justice narrative.

“Every day we are told of another incident where a teacher is violating the privacy of a student or contradicting the lessons taught by parents at home. Creating a record that could be viewed by appropriate parties, if necessary, might be the best way to urge teachers to stick to traditional teaching,” said Karen England, Executive Director and Founder of Nevada Family Alliance.

Teachers’ unions have come under fire in the past year for their avoidance of in-person teaching. But with online classes bringing teachers into the home, some parents have gained a new understanding of what has been taking place in some classrooms.  As students return to classrooms and with heightened racial tensions across America this past summer, the increased emphasis on critical race theory as well as explicit lessons in sexuality has sparked a national movement to demand that schools stick to traditional teaching and avoid left-leaning propaganda.

Some teachers are going rogue and presenting their own political ideas in the classroom, but in many cases, these teachers are presenting adopted curriculum that might shock parents if they saw it in its entirety.  5th graders have been told that because they are white, they are racists, and telling first graders that they can change their gender if they don’t feel like they were born in the correct body. Parents are fed up and are turning to other parents and local resource groups to fight back.

Karen England has gained insight into what is happening in public school classrooms not only from reviewing curriculum but by requesting documents through open record requests under state versions of the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“It is astonishing the contempt some teachers have for parents.  Districts are pushing radical politics in the classroom, contracting with Planned Parenthood and hiding curriculum from parents,” said England, regarding the push in school districts to radicalize children. “There is no longer any deference to the authority of the parents in a child’s life. Despite the numbers of parents who expressed disdain for the actions of WCSD board members, they continue to pursue their own agenda in the classrooms. And this is why some believe body cameras are a necessity.”

“We expect that the teachers’ unions will reject this proposal immediately.  But we should ask what they have to hide?  If police do a better job interacting with the public when they are wearing body cameras, how much more important is it for teachers to do the same?” said England.

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  1. I had a very similar idea and thought I would find this article matched my thoughts. It did not. My idea though admittedly very Orwellian is a child cam. Similar to the cop cams it is worn by the child when sent to school. The immediate concern would be the recording in inappropriate places like a bathroom or perhaps other areas. Which led me to consider simplifying to an audio recorder worn by the child. It accomplishes the same purpose, creating an environment where a woke teacher would be intimidated knowing the parents would be hearing all the woke racist and sexual Marxist -Leninist propaganda they are attacking children with. I know it is extremely Orwellian but at least its entirely in the parents hands to implement immediately and the school/teachers would need to try to take action to stop it. Another action would be classroom video streams. No need to record or store video on the schools part. Just stream it live and parents can capture/monitor at their own discretion.

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