Purge Begins? Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Gold ARRESTED by FBI

Information from Janet Levy in Los Angeles

On Monday, January 18th, at 11:00 A.M., 21 FBI agents banged on the door of the Beverly Hills home of Dr. Simone Gold, emergency room physician, attorney and founder of America’s Frontline Doctors  (AFD).  In short order, law enforcement broke down the front door and took her into custody shades of Roger Stone.  Not knowing what charges were filed against her, Dr. Gold was removed from her home, shackled and prohibited from taking any belongings, not even a purse.  Her phone and computer were removed as evidence. 

After waiting for hours to be processed, Dr. Gold was issued an orange jumpsuit and spent the night in a jail cell.  After pressing the authorities for a phone call, she was finally able to call her 18 year old son.

The following morning in court, a judge informed her that she was charged with trespassing at the Capitol on January 6th.  This despite the fact that she was part of a peaceful group of several thousand people who were ushered into the building by Capitol Police. 

Watch Dr. Gold expose the dangers of the COVID “vaccine”:

Sensing that trouble was on the horizon for her views on the coronavirus, Simone had previously retained attorney Lin Wood.  However, due to threats of disbarment against him for questioning the integrity of the election and concerns about his availability, Dr. Gold opted for the appointed L.A. public defender as her criminal attorney.

Jonathan Strand, the media director for AFD, was arrested as well and is still in custody.  

In July, Dr. Gold held the White Coat Summit on Capitol Hill with several physicians – all part of AFD –  who advocate early COVID treatment with HCQ, Azithromycin and Zinc and oppose the COVID vaccine.

Dr. Gold will be arraigned next Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

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  1. Our government has turned on us. They obfuscate, lie, and avoid their duties and obligations to the people. Americans must wake up to the fact that what once was a government that loved the people has become something else. Something rotten.

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