Rally to Protest Abortion Pills Sold At Pharmacies

Join AJ Hurley and Live Action at the Don’t Dispense Death protest on April 22nd at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, as they rally to protest the Drug Stores meetup event where all pharmacies–from CVS to Walgreens–and even Anthony Fauci will come together.

The goal of the Big Pharma peddlers of abortion pills: figure out how to peddle even more abortion pills to women calling the pills “Safe and Effective”–though as Alex asks “Safe and Effective for who? Certainly NOT for the babies.”

Half of the murders of pre-born babies, are now done so via the abortion pill. As AJ notes 20 women have been now been killed by this pill and the only place where this pill is allowed to be used under the law would be at an abortion clinic—though as AJ so aptly puts it “NO abortions should be happening at all”.

Join AJ and Live Action as they defend all life, especially the innocent pre-born!

In news, Alex goes through:

–Brazil’s Lula calls for end to dollar trade dominance

Leftist president lends his voice to Beijing’s efforts to boost renminbi’s role in global commerce:
Brazil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has called on developing countries to work towards replacing the US dollar with their own currencies in international trade, lending his voice to Beijing’s efforts to end the greenback’s dominance of global commerce.

–Anheuser-Busch sheds roughly $5 billion in value since Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney pact sparked outrage

As of Wednesday’s close, Anheuser-Busch has fallen 5.02% and lost $4.562 billion in market cap, according to Dow Jones Market Data Group.
The stock was $66.73 per share on March 31 and closed at $63.38 on Wednesday.

–Senior execs claiming they had no knowledge of the campaign.

The partnership unveiled on April 1 drew intense backlash from some quarters, with musician Kid Rock posting a video of himself shooting at cases of Bud Light, and country singers John Rich and Travis Tritt dropping ties with the brand.

–Elon Musk and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) called for NPR to be defunded after the outlet announced it would no longer use Twitter due to the social media platform slapping it with a “government-funded media” label.–The White House on Wednesday announced a federal agency will help stand up a national hotline to provide counseling to individuals seeking abortions and other family planning services, part of a Biden administration push to expand options as many states restrict abortion access.

The Health and Human Services Department is seeking a grant recipient to create the hotline as part of its Title X program, which offers care to low-income Americans and those without insurance. The call center will provide “nondirective” counseling—meaning it will not offer any prescriptive advice—but it will make referrals upon request.

–Crazy WV “med” Professor declares that there is no such thing as biological sex.. She knows because she studied gender studies and queer studies. And if you disagree, you’re basically a murderer.

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