RINOs Demand ‘Unity’ Amid Their Latest Budget Cave

Somewhere in the dark of night, a Constitutional Amendment was apparently passed and ratified, which stated that no matter who has a majority in Congress or controls the Senate and White House, the Democrats alone will always be in total control of every penny of federal spending now and forevermore. That’s the only possible explanation for the never-ending chain of budgetary disasters coming out of Washington for several years now.

Of course, the Republican “leadership” is claiming that its majority is too slim to allow it to actually lead, which some of us have naively held to be the real purpose of majorities. Yet even when Republicans have held distinct majorities in both houses, they invariably exhibit much more interest in finding ways to capitulate to the left than to actually stand against it. We don’t want to genuinely take a stand for the American people that might make the Democrats mad or energize their Fake News minions against the GOP, now do we?

Instead, it is so much easier and less “controversial” for those RINOs of the D.C. Swamp to turn on any real conservatives in their midst who might have dared to oppose the Beltway Status Quo. The party likes it better, the press likes it better, and even the Democrats are happy about it. So it is a “win-win” for all, except the American people.

This latest outrage of a “budget” is an affront to the nation from start to finish. It uses the tax dollars of the people to fund the abomination known as “Planned Parenthood,” while aiding and abetting the invasion of the American Homeland at the Southern Border. Certainly, a Republican Party that has any loyalty to its professed ideals as clearly stated in the Republican Platform might find reason to unify against such an atrocity. But Speaker Mike Johnson and the “Establishment” just didn’t feel that was worth the risk.

Better still, they now have a real “enemy” to attack and decry. Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia had the nerve to question Johnson’s fitness as Speaker, given that he completely rolled over for the Democrats. How dare she expect a Republican to deviate from Status Quo! The southern border can hemorrhage with an invasion of hostile foreigners, and the federal budget can drive the nation towards bankruptcy and ruin. But her crime of stoking disunity within GOP ranks is the “unpardonable sin” that America just cannot endure.

Of course, the Republicans were totally backed into a corner from which there was no winning. Just ask them! If they didn’t completely surrender once again to every Democrat demand, the nation might have faced the unspeakable “horror” of a government shutdown. Several of these have occurred in recent years, and somehow we all miraculously survived. But from the perspective of the GOP “Establishment,” this is always unacceptable. They have become totally shell-shocked into believing that regardless of the real perpetrators of the “shutdown” or the conditions surrounding it, they will get blamed.

This position results from so much ground they have ceded and lies they have accepted in recent decades. And until they muster the courage to properly assess the political landscape, all we can expect is more defeat and submission from them. Only a loud voice from “We the People,” either on their phones at the US Capitol switchboard or at the ballot box on Primary Election Day, will alter the detestable course to which they are mindlessly committed and on which they have taken America.

First, the actual conditions of the nation during a so-called “shutdown” hardly reflect a government that has ceased to operate. In truth, the highest offices have plenty of resources on hand to maintain essential functions. From the military to law enforcement to basic infrastructure, America never slowed down in the slightest during previous “shutdowns.” Services to be stopped were determined on a very selective and purely politicized basis, not on account of available dollars but by their ability to instill fear in the general public in order to force the Congress to break the standoff and accept the leftist agenda.

Even more importantly, the myth needs to be dispelled that “Republicans are always going to be blamed for any shutdown.” Reality stands in stark contrast to this “conventional wisdom.” In truth, it is the party that capitulates that will get the blame for the shutdown. Admittedly, it has overwhelmingly been Republicans who wave the white flag and thus are pilloried when bloated and perverse budgets are belatedly accepted and all ideological ground is ceded to the left. And why not? If the GOP was eventually going to fold like a cheap suit and give the Democrats everything they want, why go through the motions of opposing it and feeding all the melodrama in the first place?

However, that is by no means an inevitability. On the rare occasion that the Right stood on principle, and instead of playing a defensive game, it went on the attack, it was the Democrats who caved and got the well-deserved blame. Of course, that was when President Trump was in the White House and simply turned the tables on them by defining the pandemonium as the “Schumer Shutdown.” Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer backed down, the government restarted (to whatever degree any of it had been on ice), and the Democrats were rightly seen as the culprits. That’s what real leadership can do.

Author bio: Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” is the “Go To” guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

1 thought on “RINOs Demand ‘Unity’ Amid Their Latest Budget Cave”

  1. Alex does great work. I see him on OAN, the best network.

    The left has infested nearly every major institution in America. That includes the GOP. That I think is the best explanation.

    We have seen the sabotage in many ways. Ryan deliberately lost the house in 2018. Mitch lost the last 2 senate races, which could have easily been won, but he opposed conservatives. Some western and southern conservative states have republican senators who run as conservatives, but voters did not get what they expected.

    The infiltration of the party by the left/globalists has been obvious for at least 20 years. I am sure Alex saw it back then. A key factor in fooling people was Faux News, which kept it from viewers, while focusing on outrage over leftist behavior as a distraction. O’Reilly, in the top cable show, was not smart enough, or honest enough, to cover it. So, in 2009, when Mitch was caught in a backroom, yelling and cursing about the Tea Party, vowing to destroy it, while conceding most things to Obama, viewers were unaware.

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