UN “Master Plan for Humanity” Exposed – Alex on OAN

The United Nations is peddling global totalitarian technocracy under the guise of its 2030 Agenda “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), warned international journalist Alex Newman on this 1-year anniversary program of In Focus with Alison Steinberg on OAN.

The controversial UN plan calls for national and global wealth redistribution, indoctrination of all children into the UN’s dangerous ideologies, various “healthcare” schemes for everyone on Earth, and so much more, Newman explained. It must be resisted, he added.

4 thoughts on “UN “Master Plan for Humanity” Exposed – Alex on OAN”

  1. Our tax dollars are set to work,
    To keep the bureaucratic network,
    Deep state is their fame,
    Administrators by name,
    And they epitomize the name jerk.

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