RINOs Stab Trump-& Voters-In The Back

On February 13, 2021, The Senate voted to acquit former President Donald J. Trump on the unfair and unconstitutional impeachment of only one charge that he incited a mob insurrection at the Capitol.  The snap and quick impeachment was voted by the House with the support of 10 Anti-Trump RINO Republican representatives and without any hearing by a House committee and any due process of law for former President Trump. The House impeached Trump in January 2021, saying he made statements that encouraged the riot, such as “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” It was a sham and disgraceful impeachment!

The vote in the Senate was 57 that Trump was guilty and 43 that he was not guilty. The shameful impeachment failed since 67 senators were needed to convict former President Trump under the Constitution.

All 50 Democratic senators voted to convict. Seven RINOs anti-Trump Republicans voted with the Democrats. Trump’s supporters, as well as most of these seven senators were denounced by their state Republican Party, considering them to be traitors to the GOP. The seven GOP senators who voted to convict former President Trump were the following: Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

The pro-communist China and anti-Trump RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who voted to acquit based on jurisdictional grounds, stated the following: “We have a criminal justice system in this country. We have civil litigation. And former presidents are not immune from being accountable by either one. President Trump is still liable for everything he did while he was in office as an ordinary citizen unless the statute of limitations is run. Didn’t get away with anything yet. Yet. Whatever our ex-president claims he thought might happen that day, whatever reaction he says he meant to produce by that afternoon, we know he was watching the same live television as the rest of us. A mob was assaulting the Capitol in his name. These criminals were carrying his banners, hanging his flags, and screaming their loyalty to him. It was obvious he could end this. No. Instead, according to public reports, he watched television happily, happily, as the chaos unfolded. There’s no question, none, that Mr. Trump provoked the mob.”

McConnell called the attack on the Capitol the “foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole which the president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth.” McConnell is aware the 2020 election was stolen and that it was a coup d’état against America and President Trump done by China and its allies; the CIA, and MI6 from Great Britain using Leonardo SpA Satellite from Italy; the Communist Democratic Party, the Deep State, woke multinational corporations, globalists of the New World Order, Big Tech, the corrupt mainstream media, and corrupt Democratic officials with some Republicans in the election departments in many states. McConnell knows well that Dominion Voting Systems electronic machines, which was purchased by China, use the cheating software Smartmatic. DVS machines were used in 30 states and Puerto Rico to change millions of votes from Trump to Biden.

Senator McConnell did not explain why Speaker Nancy Pelosi and he failed to accept President Trump’s offer to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol after being informed by the FBI that there were radical extremists from left and right groups planning an assault to the Capitol. He did not explain why among the 2,000 Capitol police officers there some who were seen in videos inviting people to enter the Capitol. McConnell did not explain that, in addition to misguided Trump supporters who entered the Capitol, there were also communists and anarchists from BLM and ANTIFA. McConnell did not explain that the FBI has stated the many who assaulted the Capitol had pre-planned it. The FBI has a picture of a man believed to be the one who planted two pipe bombs on both the Republican and the Democratic Party headquarters. McConnell and Pelosi need to be investigated for dereliction of duty and for covering up what they did or fail to do.

Former President Trump’s lawyers said House Democratic managers did not prove that the former President incited the riot. They argued there was no jurisdiction, according to the Constitution, to impeach a former president and that the former President Trump has the right of freedom of speech. The lawyers pointed out that former President Trump used standard political rhetoric as many Democrats, including the House managers, had done in the past. The lawyers showed a video to prove their point. In fact, many Democratic politicians had used incendiary and inflammatory language much worse than Trump in the past.

“No matter how much truly horrifying footage we see of the conduct of the rioters, and how much emotion has been injected into this trial, that does not change the fact that Mr. Trump is innocent of the charges against him,” stated former President Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen. He said that “at no point had Mr. Trump explicitly encouraged supporters to engage in violence.”

Former President Donald J. Trump made a statement after the Senate voted to acquit him in his second impeachment trial.

Former President J. Trump stated the following:

“I want to first thank my team of dedicated lawyers and others for their tireless work upholding justice and defending truth. My deepest thanks as well to all of the United States Senators and Members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution, we all revere and for the sacred legal principles at the heart of our country.”

“Our cherished Constitutional Republic was founded on the impartial rule of law, the indispensable safeguard for our liberties, our rights and our freedoms. It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree. I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.”

“This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country. No president has ever gone through anything like it, and it continues because our opponents cannot forget the almost 75 million people, the highest number ever for a sitting president, who voted for us just a few short months ago. I also want to convey my gratitude to the millions of decent, hardworking, law-abiding, God-and-Country loving citizens who have bravely supported these important principles in these very difficult and challenging times.”

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!”

“We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future. Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We remain one People, one family, and one glorious nation under God, and it’s our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and for generations of Americans to come.”

“May God bless all of you, and may God forever bless the United States of America.”

On February 13, 2021, Sahil Kaper wrote an article titled “With Acquittal Trump Wins Battle for Republican Soul” that was published by NBC News.com. He said that the biggest impact of the acquittal is that it keeps the door open for former President Trump to run for president again in 2024. Trump will be 78 years in 2024. He may also face criminal and civil court indictments and prosecutions. But even if he does not run, his acquittal leaves him “as a kingmaker with the influence to elevate his favored politicians in GOP primaries and hamper his adversaries.”

Kaper wrote that Senator Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala said that “Trump is a strong force in the party. There’s no doubt about that.” The reporter pointed out that “Senate Republican leaders’ consensus in favor of acquittal sends a signal to aspiring officeholders, donors and activists: They’re unlikely to build or support political infrastructure to elevate GOP candidates who stand against Trump.”

Former President Trump’s lawyer Michael van der Veen said that Trump told his followers to “peacefully and patriotically” march to the Capitol and he did not incite an insurrection.

The homes of Van der Veen and the other lawyers were vandalized and they received death threats. They were also threatened that no one will hire them for defending Donald Trump.


Republicans will never win elections unless all electronic machines are banned and paper ballots are used again. Republicans will never succeed unless foreign nations like China and its allies stop conducting cyber-attacks with the cooperation of the CIA and MI6. They will never win unless universal mail-in- ballots and ballot harvesting are forbidden. Republicans will fail unless there are strict requirements of showing valid I.D. before voting, illegals are prohibited from voting, and voter lists are clean of dead people and others who have moved away. They will never win unless corrupt election officials are prosecuted and removed from office. Republican will never win unless Big Tech, Deep State, woke multinationals, and globalists of the New World Order are stopped from election interference.

Below is the list of all the measures that need to be taken in Election Laws and Procedures to restore election integrity that was published by the John Birch Society:

“Reinstate paper ballots

Reinstate voting and vote counting as public acts

Reinstate the precinct as the place where voters cast their ballots and where the ballots are counted

Allow candidates to choose areas to audit the vote

Mandate that the election process be recorded with video and audio equipment

Publicly and immediately post precinct vote results

Mandate the cleaning up of all voter registration lists

Eliminate same-day voter registration

Put in place law to protect evidence

Punish fraud and end early voting

Require an absolute chain of custody for ballots

Repeal laws that allow for unattended drop boxes for ballots and laws allowing for no-excuse absentee balloting

Ballots should have verifying features

Make it easier to recruit election clerks

Don’t allow government employees or political hacks to run the polls

Require paper voter sign-in sheets”

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