Wind Mills Fail in Texas Amid Freezing Temps

Last night, Fox host Tucker Carlson did a fine segment on the stupidity of wind. 

Make SURE that you watch the short video in the article, which is superb

My only beef is that Tucker repeatedly called industrial wind projects “wind farms.” There is nothing being farmed, other than subsidies. The lobbyists purposefully coined the phrase “wind farm” to deceive non-aware citizens into thinking an industrial wind project is pastoral and environmentally benign.

Both are false, as industrial wind projects are environmentally destructive. (E.g. see here.)

They are also typically a net economic liability to host communities. (E.g. see here.)

Further, industrial wind facilities are a net burden on the electric grid — the backbone of our modern society (and the Texas situation is one of numerous examples). 

Stunningly, this is actually a desirable consequence for those pushing wind, as their real objective is to undermine our way of life. (E.g. carefully read Bill McKibben, the journalist — not scientist — who is the leader of the environmental movement.)

Lastly, there is zero genuine scientific proof that wind turbines are of any consequential benefit regarding climate change. In fact there is substantial evidence that they are a climate detriment! (E.g. see here.)

Please get educated about energy realities, as this is just a small part of the enormous devastation that will result from Green New Deal-type policies. 

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