Roe v. Wade Crumbling as SCOTUS Refuses to Block Texas Law Banning Most Abortions

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — A Texas law banning abortions at six weeks went into effect early Wednesday morning after the Supreme Court and a federal appeals court failed to rule on pending emergency requests brought by abortion providers.
Pro-life advocates across Texas and the nation applauded the decision of the Supreme Court not to intervene, saying it would save thousands of children from abortion violence and women from being wounded through abortion.
The Supreme Court’s response to the Texas abortion case is a clear reminder that abortion violence will soon end up on the scrapheap of history like chattel slavery and segregation.
Supporters of the restrictions on abortion are planning a large prayer rally and gathering at the Supreme Court on Saturday, October 2, in support of the Dobbs v. Jackson case which could overturn Roe v. Wade.
More information can be found at the Facebook Event for Pray to End Abortion #Dismantle Roe:
“We are thankful the Supreme Court refused to block a law which will save thousands of children from abortion violence,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Chief Strategy Officer for the Stanton Public Policy Center. “The court’s decision is a clear reminder Roe v. Wade is crumbling and will soon end up on the scrapheap of history like chattel slavery and segregation.”
“The local pro-life community is activated and energized like never before and we look forward to the Dobbs v. Jackson case this fall, which could overturn Roe,” he added.

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