Sam Sorbo Speaks Out About Public School and Home Education: Focal Point with Alex Newman

Our public school system is not failing as many Americans believe. It is rather successful at accomplishing the goals set out by its founders, Horace Mann and John Dewey. The remedy to our educational crisis is rescuing our children by seeking out educational alternatives that are family-focused. 

In an exclusive conversation for American Media Periscope, Sam Sorbo sits down with Alex Newman to discuss our failing educational institutions and how to win at homeschooling.

“The schools have presided over the greatest theft in human history; they’ve stolen the family. And the family is the vehicle through which the young person grows into the adult,” said Sorbo, a homeschool mother of three. “We stick them [children] in school, we teach them a bunch of useless information that they know is useless, and they become resentful, and then they don’t want to participate. It’s no wonder our political system is completely failing today,” Sorbo explained.

As an education freedom advocate, Sam Sorbo’s mission is to help parents and their children emancipate from our modern school system. A successful Hollywood film actress, writer, and producer, Sam stepped back from her own career to immerse herself in the home education of her three young children for over a decade. Don’t miss this episode of Focal Point, which contains insights and commentary that you cannot find anywhere else!

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