Schools Groom Kids to KILL Teachers Amid Push for Global Health & Financial Tyranny | Liberty Hour

School children are being groomed to want to MURDER their teachers, Truth in Education President Rhonda Thomas tells Alex Newman on this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP.

Also joining the program are whistleblower and virology expert Dr. Judy Mikovits to break down the latest developments in medical tyranny and the pushback against it by people like Robert F. Kennedy.

Independent investigative journalist James Roguski joins the program to give an update on the World Health Organization’s massive power grab being supported by Biden. More importantly, he explains how to resist!

In news, Alex goes over:

–Globalists are working on international CBDCs, with the Digital Currency Monetary Authority making a big announcement during the IMF Spring Meeting.

–Uniform Law Commission trying to get states to change their UCC laws to enable this to come in by adding, “the term includes a monetary unit of account established by an intergovernmental organization or by agreement between two or more countries.”

–Arkansas just passed a bill to make gold and silver legal tender, as we reported at Texas, which some years ago passed a law creating a state bullion depository, is working on ways to make it easier for citizens to trade.

–Bank for International Settlements is coordinating the process, as Caroll Quigley, Clinton mentor and Georgetown Prof, first explained.

–At least there’s pushback. A shareholder resolution by a conservative group trying to force PayPal to probe the systematic bias, discrimination and hate against conservatives and Christians was upheld by the SEC despite PayPal management trying to quash it.

–On the subject of globalism, new UN-backed legal recommendations normalize sex with minors. The report is titled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.”

–Epstein was the tip of the iceberg.

–With the UN advocating legalized child sex and seeking to take over management of global emergencies, this might be a good time to remind everyone that its troops and minions have been raping children with impunity worldwide for decades:

–New article in the latest edition of George magazine, edited by AMP host and Trump photographer Gene Ho, discussing the ongoing globalization of education. Bill Gates. World Core Curriculum. Common Core. Global SEL being run out of UNESCO: New Age, Population control.

–UN sex-ed scheme fails: A group of more than 20 governments derailed an attempt by Biden, EU and Canadian govts to enshrine extremist sex indoctrination (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) as a “human right” at the 56th annual United Nations Commission on Population and Development last week. Ended up passing nothing due to disputes, which pro-life and conservative activists celebrated.

–HUGE expose by Accuracy in media finds even in conservative Indiana, radical government school administrators are caught on camera boasting that they are secretly pushing CRT, social justice, etc

–Democrat Bills “Protect” Gender-Confused Children … From Parents: In what may be one of the most brazen assaults on parental rights in American history or even the history of humanity, more and more Democrat-run states are advancing legislation to “protect” indoctrinated and gender-confused children from their own parents. Some of these bills literally allow the government to kidnap and mutilate minors.

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