Sen. Moore Cancelled by GA GOP for Standing With Trump & Voters

Georgia Senator Colton Moore was cancelled by the State Senate Republican Caucus for outlining a plan to stop rogue prosecutor Fani Willis’ persecution of Donald Trump and his allies. In this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP News with Alex Newman, Moore provides an exclusive take on the ongoing battle.

Also joining Liberty Hour this week is constitutional attorney Joe Wolverton, who breaks down the latest on the fight for House Speaker—and more importantly, what role the Speaker can play in protecting America from Biden’s lawlessness.

Sam Carline and Field Searcy with Georgians for Truth and their campaign for “Paper, Please” join the program to discuss the battle taking place to secure elections in that state.

And finally, journalist Andrew Muller, chief of operations for Liberty Sentinel Media, joins the program to discuss his upcoming article on the JFK assassination as we approach the 60th anniversary of that horrific crime. Muller says examining the “why” is key.

Alex also goes through the top headlines of the day in the news segment, focusing on censorship, attacks against homeschool freedom, the communist support for Hamas, perversion in the schools, and much more.

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