Sen. Murkowski Admits CCP’s C02 Emissions Surge, Says “Inflation Reduction” Act “Inartfully Named.”

Dubai — While the United States government doubles down on their commitment to slash fossil fuels, enact a carbon tax, and continue their war on farmers, the Communist Chinese are thriving with coal-fired power plants and the implementation of fossil fuels. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said, when confronted by The New American’s Alex Newman at COP28, that “everybody needs to be a participant in the broader global solution,” particularly the Chinese.

Senator Murkowski also responded to criticism of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, a fraudulently named trojan horse for climate change, by stating, “I think that the Inflation Reduction Act was very inartfully named. That’s a politically correct statement,” Murkowski revealed. The controversial legislation, which the White House boasts as “the largest investment in clean energy and climate action ever,” is the beginning of the unstoppable “transformation” that U.S. “climate leaders” like John Kerry and Al Gore are eager to accomplish, with or without the consent of We The People.

5 thoughts on “Sen. Murkowski Admits CCP’s C02 Emissions Surge, Says “Inflation Reduction” Act “Inartfully Named.””

  1. Wrong Lisa! The faux Inflation Reduction Act was not “inartfully named”. Democrats artfully named it to disguise its true intent, but you were too dumb to figure it out and fight it effectively. Please resign. You are a fake Republican who has benefitted by nepotism and not merit nor abilities.

  2. I assume our tax dollars paid for her and Kerry and many others to attend this anti western fascist gathering……..sickening.

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