Sheriffs Can Protect US From Deep State’s Next Move

As the chief law enforcement officers in their jurisdictions, sheriffs have the power and the duty to protect the rights of their constituents from any attacks including those from the Deep State and even the federal government, explains The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Having just returned from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) “Resist the Temptation” summit in Las Vegas, Newman says the message was that sheriffs have many tools at their disposal including forming a posse, refusing to enforce unconstitutional decrees, and interposing between tyrants and more. Multiple sheriffs who spoke with Newman at the summit had ideas on this very issue. Share this video with your sheriff and others in the law enforcement community in your area!

1 thought on “Sheriffs Can Protect US From Deep State’s Next Move”

  1. When our government is so completely corrupt from city council level to state level and federal level we hope that the Sheriff’s will stand firm on protecting the Constitutional rights of Americans. Please refuse to enforce any Governor or Presidents unconstitutional orders against the citizens. Our government is to work on behalf of the citizens not the will of globalist elitists including those in America. We the people must protect our freedoms and Constitutional rights that the government leaders have sworn to protect. Unfortunately what we are seeing in government at every level is a dictatorial Marxist communist attitude towards the citizens. They seem to have forgotten their place is to serve not rule. Remove any and all using a false narrative to suppress freedom. My environment is just fine.

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