Should Christians Always Obey Government?

In an interview on the Nikos Katsikanis Show, Liberty Sentinel editor Alex Newman briefly addresses the question of the Christian’s duty to submit to the governing authorities.

Last year, Newman preached a full sermon on this very issue at a major Baptist church in Florida that you can watch below.

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    Cathy Condon

    Alex, pleas consider putting this very important, very needed teaching in booklet form to be used in churches. Thank you for the many scripture references, quotes and pictures from our country’s history, and your clear teaching of Biblical principles on which our Constitution was established. Perhaps you could include with the booklet a video of this sermon. Keeping it simple could perhaps encourage youth leaders to use it with young people. God bless you for relying on God’s Word for the Truth which is Jesus our Living Word. Thank you for all you do and for standing strong in the Lord. Cathy Condon

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