Soros Funds Globalist Alliance of Religions to Usher in New World Order

Self-proclaimed “god” and atheist George Soros–a crooked billionaire infamous for helping the Nazis steal property from Jews–is funding a coalition of religious leaders to promote the New World Order under the guise of religion.

Dubbed the “Religions for Peace,” the radical group just met in Germany for its 10th conference to sign a declaration demanding that humanity submit to the United Nations and its totalitarian plan for humanity known as “Agenda 2030.”

Incredibly, despite being completely at odds with the Bible, a number of self-proclaimed “Christian” leaders participated in this abomination working to usher in a false world religion, a totalitarian global government, and more. U.S. taxpayers were forced to help fund it through the State Department and the UN.

Liberty Sentinel chief and foreign correspondent for The New American magazine Alex Newman wrote an article about this at headlined: Global Alliance of Religions Joins Push for UN Agenda 2030

He also went on the nationally syndicated Christian radio show Crosstalk with Jim Schneider on VCY America to discuss it. You can listen to the full program here:

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