Sovereign Citizens Movement: Myths & Misconceptions and a More Excellent Way

In this segment from Alex Newman’s hit show, The Sentinel Report, J.D. Rucker, the editor of The Liberty Daily, joins Newman to break down the sovereign citizen movement and the myth that the U.S. was turned into a corporation under the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Rucker, who also serves at the editor of Discern Report, says that Americans’ energy must be directed towards effective, positive, and real solutions, such as restoring the American people’s understanding of the U.S. Constitution, our God-given rights, and returning to the Biblical Christian worldview.

3 thoughts on “Sovereign Citizens Movement: Myths & Misconceptions and a More Excellent Way”

  1. I have this trope thrown at me all the time like not having to pay your taxes and that you have an account under your social security number that you can access that was deposited at your birth. There are still morons out there that think “Q” is still a thing. (Never was)

    1. “Your” taxes?
      I like the way you phrase that. YOUR taxes. Very specific.
      I wonder why you didn’t say “THEIR” taxes. Weird, huh? How you try to shift ownership of a thing?

      Here’s a challenge for you.
      And this should be an easy one.
      Surely there is a law in the constitution requiring the average person to pay…lol…”their” taxes.
      Why don’t you show us all that law?

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    Annona Mossberg

    This is sad. I really like Alex Newman, but for me this report has dropped him down a peg in my estimation. What he and Rucker are doing here is the exact thing that the MSM and the out of control gov’t did to all of the people who didn’t blindly follow the “mandates” and take the fauci ouchie. All those people were saying it’s poison, it’s a kill shot. All the “trusted” news sources and the those on the side of “science” simply called those folks conspiracy theorists—instead of investigating what these people were saying. All these gentlemen have to do is go through the annals of American history to find out that the Act of 1871 was political fraud pulled over the eyes of a wore torn and war weary American populace of the time. Just look at the title of the act —to “provide” a government for the United States. We already had a federal government, what was the need to do it again? Might it suggest another “corporate type” entity something run by principles that closely align with commerce rather than by the simple common law? Why would this act be needed to set up Washington D.C. when in 1801 it was already done and decided that a 1 county in Virginia and 1 county in Maryland was to be used to create Washington D.C. to be the situs of the new federal government? Maybe they should seek to answer these questions.
    Regarding taxes, why did several IRS commissioners state in their letters to the public (in old instruction manuals) “ thank you for making America’s tax system the best system of voluntary compliance in the world.” Also, Mr. Becerra stated that taxes were voluntary in viral video going around the internet. Is there a definition of “voluntary” that people are missing? Or is the IRS using a different definition? Furthermore, the 1986 Grace Report commissioned by President Ronald Reagan found that “not one penny of what Americans pay in income taxes stays on these shores.” So where is it going? Btw, where is the law that says the American people are liable for the income tax of which the Supreme Court has said that the 16th amendment gave no new taxing power? Regarding driver’s licenses (and for all licenses for that matter) the Courts (US Supreme court) has said in many cases that our God-given rights CANNOT be licensed. Murray v Pennsylvania comes to mind. So…. it’s very disappointing that these men who present as “truthseekers” and representatives of a more honest alternative/conservative source of information, don’t have the thought to seek out the info since they’re hearing it so often these days. Real truthseekers will hear, investigate, and prove or disprove.

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