States Must Tackle Border Invasion if Biden Won’t: Lt. Col. Allen West

Every state is now a border state, and the elites are aiding and abetting human trafficking with the open border, warned former Congressman and Texas gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. Allen West in an interview with The New American’s Alex Newman from the U.S.-Mexico border.

But states can and must take action to rein in this crisis, West explained, offering various different solutions that state governments could start implementing now.

The ultimate agenda is to change the country and create a new voting bloc to help keep Democrats in power forever.

Even Texas, which has taken some actions, is not doing enough to secure the border, the prominent former military man and GOP leader explained.

West also blasts Critical Race Theory and out of control school boards while defending medical freedom.

3 thoughts on “States Must Tackle Border Invasion if Biden Won’t: Lt. Col. Allen West”

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    Larry R Holmgren

    Lt. Col. West, ask your Senator, Senator John Cornyn for help.
    Oh, wait, Cornyn is more concerned about the eastern border of the Ukraine than the southern border of the USA and Texas.

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