Stop ‘Totalitarian Bureaucratic State’ By Building Parallel Institutions, Says Dutch Lawmaker & Opposition Leader

The globalist forces behind the European Union and beyond are seeking to build a “bureaucratic totalitarian state” to crush freedom and national identity, treating people as children or even animals, warned Dutch Member of Parliament (MP) Thierry Baudet in this interview on The Sentinel Report.

The globalists admire the Communist Chinese model with no freedom for citizens, and total power for the elites, added the Forum for Democracy founder and chief in this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

“They are unaccountable, nobody can vote them out of office, … and they have a mandate to regulate anything they want, including energy and food rationing,” MP Baudet warned, adding that the government was now waging war on farmers and others.

MP Baudet, who hopes to have the Netherlands withdraw from the EU, also lamented the deliberate destruction of Europe’s Christian heritage. He said civilization itself was at risk as its foundations are being destroyed.

Speaking on the latest Swedish election, which saw the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats win big, MP Baudet said that was hopeful. However, he also warned that today, politicians have very little say, as the bureaucratic Deep State continues operating.

“I’m very skeptical of political, top down change,” he said. “Instead, we need to build parallel societies. Like Americans, we have to think like settlers … set up our own schools, build our own news channels and talk shows, start our publishing houses.”

“We really need to make a community for people like us who want to resist globalism and preserve our European civilization,” continued the prominent Dutch lawmaker and opposition leader, praising Trump but noting that even Trump was unable to stop the machine.

But it’s not too late to stop it. In fact, it is absolutely necessary, he added, calling for building a “parallel world” as his party recently opened an elementary school.

His new book, The Covid Conspiracy, can be pre-ordered now.

Watch the interview below:

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