The Kennedy Assassination Revisited: Cover-up, Conspiracy, and Consequences

60 years later, the assassination of John F. Kennedy continues to pique the interest of Americans. While many “conspiracy theories” abound, the official narrative of President Lyndon Johnson’s Warren Commission continues to mislead a new generation that is searching for the truth. 

Why was the president taken out? “Kennedy was a disappointment,” answered Andrew Muller, chief of operations of Liberty Sentinel Media. “And he was not a disappointment to the American people . . . but he was a disappointment to the establishment,” argued Muller, saying that Kennedy stepped out of line and did not fully conform to the globalist conspiracy. 

Muller, the author of the cover story in The New American’s special report on the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, makes the case that John F. disrupted the elitist agenda in three ways: by attempting to dissolve the CIA, withdrawing troops from the endless Vietnam War, and speaking out against secret societies.

In this episode of Conversations That Matter, hosted by The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman, a counter-narrative is provided to the establishment media and academia’s long-standing narrative on this crucial event in American history. 

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