The Push to Legalize Pedophilia: Zac Howard

Some of the LGBTQIA+ radicals are not just happy with the rainbow flag and pride month; they want to legalize pedophilia by lowering the age of consent.

In this episode of The Sentinel Report, Alex interviews Zac Howard, a reporter for The Florida Standard, to discuss the vile push within the LGBTQIA+ movement to legalize child molestation for minor attracted persons (MAPS). This is downright evil and must be stopped.

Zac has a decade of experience working in the news media, having written extensively about politics, sports, fitness, and culture. He primarily covers education, politics, and social issues for The Florida Standard.
In December, his reporting exposed hyper-sexualized programming at a local LGBTQ youth center in Jacksonville, which led to the Duval County School District severing its 20+ year relationship with the group. The story was picked up by several national outlets, including The Epoch Times, The Blaze, and The Post Millennial.
Zac’s writing has also appeared in national outlets such as Deadspin, Complex, and Runner’s World. He is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Watch the news segment of this episode of The Sentinel Report here.

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