The Ron and the Don in 2024 – Alex Newman Talks Presidential Politics with Roger Stone on Focal Point

Roger Stone, a veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, having served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and Trump, shares his thoughts on the state of the Republican party, the 2024 election, the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, and the endless attacks he has endured in his stance for pro-America policies in an exclusive interview on Focal Point with Alex Newman for American Media Periscope.

“The leaders of the [Republican] party are still country club RINOs, people who got into politics to make money, not because they believe in anything,” Stone observed. “We really do have a two-party duopoly at the elitist level.” How can we save America against such deeply rooted corruption? Can we still be optimistic about America? “First of all, prayer is powerful. . .it is the only way to save the country,” concluded Stone, the seasoned political pundit and New York Times bestselling author.

No patriot can be left on the sidelines if we are to win the battle for the soul of our nation. But more than any election or candidate, Americans must return to first principles and value faith and family above all else.

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1 thought on “The Ron and the Don in 2024 – Alex Newman Talks Presidential Politics with Roger Stone on Focal Point”

  1. Now that you’ve aired Stone’s pro-Trump views on the Presidential campaign, you should be fair and get either conservative journalist Daniel Horowitz’s or Pedro Gonzalez’s anti-Trump view on this same subject. Both of them know all the DETAILS and has the receipts on what happened during the last Trump Presidency. It’s not just Trump’s Operation Warp Speed & the biomedical fascism that should disqualify him as a “conservative,” ..but it’s a HOST of many other things. And Horowitz and/or Gonzalez can tell you all about it!

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