The Truth About Putin: What Fake Media Hides From US

With Russian leader Vladimir Putin dominating the news cycle this week due to his interview with Tucker Carlson, it is important to have some context about who Putin is, what he thinks, and how his actions have furthered the globalist agenda, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Of course, Tucker was right to interview him. And he was right to ask some tough questions. But part of the conservative movement has embraced Putin for a variety of reasons. In this episode, Alex gives some background of his work with the KGB, his Eurasian Union project, his relationship with globalist schemer Henry Kissinger, and more. Newman also goes back to the revelations of Anatoly Golitsyn, a KGB defector who warned that the Soviets were planning a staged “collapse of communism” after which the communists would be rebranded and remain in charge. Finally, Newman gets into how war and the threat of war is seen by globalists as a key catalyst for advancing the New World Order.

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