The TRUTH About “Separation of Church & State” With Sam Rohrer of American Pastors Network

America needs to REPENT or the nation is in BIG trouble, says American Pastors Network founder and broadcaster Sam Rohrer in this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman. He also debunks the “Separation” of church and state myth, saying that “government is God’s idea, all authority comes from God to begin with—including the government’s authority over it’s citizens.”

“All in those of authority from those in government to parents will be held accountable for the decisions they have made,” added Rohrer, pointing out that all the problems our society is facing such as decline in morals, abortion, LGBTQ, corruption in the government, and more is happening because Americans have turned their backs on God. He points to repentance and turning back to God as the solution for the nation’s problems.

In News, Alex goes through:

–Voters overwhelmingly support releasing all videos of the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, and a majority think it’s likely that government agents helped provoke the riot.

–Tucker Carlson exposes the lies about January 6 to millions nationwide. Calls Liz Cheney and other Democrats “liars.” We’ve been saying this for two years!

–All top 10 states with the lowest annual average unemployment rates for 2022 had Republican governors during that year, while all ten states with the highest annual average unemployment rates had Democratic governors, data from te Bureau Labor Statistics revealed last week.

–Cardinal Müller had some extremely harsh words for German bishops conference and its leaders as they seek to normalize homosexuality, gender confusion, transhumanism, and other ideas, calling them a sect or a cult.

–“Unvaccinated” Novak Djokovic Can’t Play in the US Open and Miami Open; Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio urge President Biden to grant tennis champion’s request to waive mandate.

–15 minute cities coming to FLORIDA???!!!

— Florida Department of State announced they will be dropping Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which is a HUGE win for ALL Floridians.

— Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) said that he is introducing a bipartisan bill with Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) that would outline a method of banning foreign technology, structured with TikTok in mind.

–Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) on Thursday signed two bills designed to protect children under the age of 18 from harmful applications of transgender ideology.

–Congresswoman Mary Miller, Congressman Brian Babin, and Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger launch Congressional Family Caucus: “We have witnessed a concerted effort by activists on the Left to abolish the natural family.”

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