Tommy Robinson Arrested for Restraining Child Molester

British activist Tommy Robinson has been arrested by British police for restraining a child molester who grabbed his 8-year-old daughter’s butt, sparking outrage across the United Kingdom and beyond.

The accused child molester, meanwhile, had not been arrested as of the time that Robinson went public with the story.

Robinson is a high-profile leader who was persecuted by authorities for exposing Islamic child sex trafficking gangs operating in the British Isles.

Warning: As an outraged father whose daughter was just molested, Robinson uses some language that is not appropriate for all audiences.

11 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Arrested for Restraining Child Molester”

  1. Once you’re on their radar, they do not let go. This was almost certainly a setup, it is just too blatant. The English ‘Justice System’ is as corrupt or more so than the US system. Time to burn it down.

    1. How many times does TR have to be arrested standing up for our freedom and standing up for our culture?

    2. Impossible for it to be as corrupt as the US’s. You don’t have Bloomberg and other billionaires paying to get Democrats elected to write your laws.

  2. Tommy should be patted on the back and told good job by the cops. I am sickened by what I saw. How can those cops live with themselves.

  3. I find it hard to believe that the British were ever able to build an empire, judging by what these once proud people have become. What a bunch of sissy boys who now go out of their way to not hurt the feelings of pedophiles. In America if a man’s daughter was molested in front of him he would be justified in beating the molester to within an inch of his life. In addition, the cops would give the dad high fives and all want to have their pictures taken with him, and there isn’t a jury that would convict him of anything.

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