Trump Supporter Murdered by Terrorists in Portland

Conservative Christian activist Jay Bishop was murdered in cold blood by a terrorist in Portland, but neither the media nor the government is anywhere to be found.

According to an eye-witness and close friend of the victim, the two were “hunted down” by left-wing terrorists based on their “Patriot Prayer” hats for being pro-Trump and pro-America.

Video footage of the murder shows a leftist screaming “We’ve got a Trumper right here” right before two shots were fired, fatally wounding Bishop.

Government-funded propaganda organs including NPR and Oregon Public Radio tried to demonize Patriot Prayer and the victim, suggesting he was responsible for his own murder due to his alleged “far-right” views.

Listen to the testimony of Bishop’s close friend who witnessed the execution:

The friend and witness concluded by begging Trump to send troops into Portland to deal with the corruption, as well as the criminals and terrorists running wild with no fear of the law.

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