Trump Wins NH, Kari Lake Offered Bribe by Deep State Within GOP

The New Hampshire primary results are in, and even with 70% of Nikki Haley voters being unregistered Republicans, Trump still won by 11.1%. Despite only winning one county out of 99 in Iowa and only one county out of 10 in New Hampshire, Nikki Haley continues to run to take down Trump. The reason why Haley refuses to throw in the towel, argues Andrew Muller, a journalist and chief of operations for Liberty Sentinel Media, and Ryan Hite, communications director for Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, is that there is an Administrative State within the GOP that hates the America First movement.

This group of “King Makers” within the Republican Party have massive amounts of wealth, influence, connections, and leverage, as Muller and Hite illustrate in this fast-paced episode of The Sentinel Report. Even Kari Lake, a former gubernatorial candidate in Arizona and current U.S. Senate candidate, is experiencing pressure from the establishment within the GOP. A hot new tape released by Lake shows the now former GOP chairman of Arizona, Jeff DeWitt, telling Lake that “very powerful” people are willing to “put their money where their mouth is” to convince her to “pause” her political career.

Ryan and Andrew bring the receipts and break it all down on The Sentinel Report!

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