UN: A Tool to Destabilize Nations & Usher in World Control

Journalist Alex Newman joins Sarah Westall’s program to share his over decade long research into the United Nations.

He shares a horrifying view of the organization that is very different than the carefully crafted illusion they work to maintain.

Evidence shows, which he will share, that this organization is anything but a peaceful force of good for the world.

In reality, the United Nations has been committing horrific crimes with impunity while serving as a tool for the wealthiest and most powerful people on Earth.

Their plan is to bring in a new world order where every aspect of your life is monitored and controlled.

They will rule, have freedom & impunity for vile crimes, while you will serve them under the disguise of working for “the greater good.”

2 thoughts on “UN: A Tool to Destabilize Nations & Usher in World Control”

  1. I truly believe that Donald J. Trump was sent to us by God as a modern-day Martin Luther to reform the Deep State and lead us back to the fundamentals of our Constitution and Bill of Rights – ALL lives matter because ALL lives were created equal – One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

  2. Great interview. But regarding China, I don’t think the elites or the party are in charge at all. The system is in charge. It is out of human hands. The elites do what the system requires or else they are disposed of just as surely as anybody else. They have created a monster that cannot be killed. Instead of trying to bring it to the rest of the world, they should be begging the rest of the world to come in and help them kill it.

    The founding fathers of the US recognised this problem, that every system that is designed to help people eventually becomes the master and people become the servant. One hallmark of this progression is the rise of the administrative classes, the 9 to 5ers whose only concern is justifying their own place in the system. The whole point of the US constitution was to enshrine the means to get rid of the government if it got out of hand. As the late Tony Benn in the UK said, “always ask who do you work for and how do we get rid of you?” (paraphrased).

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