UN Climate Cult at COP25 Exposed: Depopulation, Brainwashing, Tyranny

MADRID–The United Nations COP25 “climate change” conference felt more like being in a giant insane asylum run by criminal madmen, international journalist Alex Newman told host David Knight in an interview on his hit Infowars show.

From depopulating the planet to charging people global taxes for the gas they exhale, the “clown show,” as Newman called it, would have been hard to fathom for everyday Americans.

Another major story exposed is how there was real Russia collusion at the conference, with the Kremlin funding “climate activists” through a shell corporation in Bermuda called “Klein, Ltd.”

The two commentators also discuss how children are being brainwashed in public schools to advance the agenda. This is perhaps the single most important element of the establishment’s long-term plan to bring humanity under the control of a UN “climate” regime.

Also during the show, Newman explains how outraged UN globalists and the Americans at the summit still are over Donald Trump calling their man-made warming hypothesis a “hoax” to benefit the Communist Chinese.

Finally, Newman tells Knight about how prominent Americans at the COP25 conference, such as Al Gore and John Kerry, showed up to viciously bash their own nation.

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For more of Newman’s reporting on the UN COP25 climate summit, go to The New American magazine here.

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