Understanding the Enormity of Matt Gaetz’s Speakership Rebellion

It is a sad irony that such a major sector of America loudly decries the appalling corruption and rampant mutual back-scratching so typical of Washington “politics as usual.” Yet the moment somebody goes resolutely into the belly of that fetid beast and makes a genuine effort to change how things are done, so many of those same people are eager to condemn the individual for shaking things up.

This is precisely the reaction we are seeing from across the land, in the wake of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz successfully ousting California RINO Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker’s chair. The castigation and condemnation of Gaetz has been immediate and “bipartisan,” given that Establishment Republican players saw fit to decry and condemn him in terms they would never wield against the leftist Democrats.

Booting McCarthy was a first in the history of our Constitutional Republic. And that in itself says much about what is fundamentally wrong inside the D.C. Swamp. For starters, do people really believe that McCarthy was the first and only Speaker to ever have been recognized by the Congress as unfit to hold that position?

In particular, the massive programming of new politicians by the D.C. political machine, to “go along and get along,” has been enormously beneficial to the efforts of the elites inside the Beltway to shield themselves from any true reckoning from those ignorant peasants back home. Even individuals who are basically good intentioned, quickly themselves sucked into the “system” once they arrive at the halls of power (and money). From that point forward too many are unable to sufficiently buck the current to actually get anything worthwhile accomplished.

The notion of all this being “fixed” by term limits is itself misbegotten. Even if the enormous effort required to enact a constitutional amendment stipulating term limits ever succeeded, the “Swamp” would quickly regroup. It needs only to gather a line-up of new corrupt political players to occasionally replace the old ones, and “business as usual” can continue with barely a hiccup.

But now the game has changed. RINOs who have been betraying the Conservative base, and thus all decent Americans in this manner for years are not happy about it. To date, they faced no actual backlash, other than some derisive commentary from the Conservative punditry. And that invariably blows over by the next election cycle.

The action by Gaetz signals a new day of accountability that they will have to face. The political “Establishment” (both parties) can be called on its duplicity, with the prospect of public and professional disgrace looming for the individuals in question. Betrayals that once might only have resulted in criticism on the nightly Fake News might potentially be career ending events. The Washington swamp, that deems itself morally and intellectually superior to the rest of the Country, recoils at such a possibility, and will do everything in its expansive power to put that genie back in the bottle.

Of critical importance at this juncture is to note those “conservatives” who are not standing on the right side of this episode. This was a defining event. The critics of Gaetz who claim to be “on the right” are proving their willingness to go along with the D.C. status quo, which means they have no real interest in addressing rampant corruption in the halls of Congress and at the highest levels of government, other than to make a good livelihood from their pontification. Failure to stand at this historical crossroads absolutely defines them as to their real allegiances. And this must never be forgotten.

Once again, the best course for Conservatives and Patriots is to supplant leftist/Globalist propaganda with the truth. This feat is accomplished loudly and diligently spotlighting not only the McCarthy debacle, but all of the other duplicitous and corrupt actions of the “elites,” in terms reflecting their stark and ugly reality. This requires a boldness from those truly on the right that is commensurate with the courage and resolve of Representative Gaetz and the handful of others in the Congress who helped him slay the dragon.

It is equally important to relentlessly return the discourse back to the real issues and controversies which revealed McCarthy’s treachery and proved to Gaetz that he needed to pull the plug. This ruckus was not about some dubious character trait on the part of Gaetz. Rather, it was all about the atrocious actions of the Biden Cabal, and the unwillingness of McCarthy to hold them responsible for the disaster that they are deliberately inflicting on America. And none of that has anything to do with the supposed “horror” of a government shutdown.

Rather, the bones of contention for Gaetz were the disastrous Biden Cabal border policy, along with the revolving door of “funding” for Ukraine, and now Iran. Of course leftist Democrats and Establishment “Republicans” will deflect in every possible manner, owing to the fact that Real America is absolutely in sync with Representative Gaetz on both. It is for this reason that the issues driving the speaker situation need to be continually brought back to the forefront of the debate so the American people never forget what the uproar is really all about.

The disaster at the border vastly exceeds the grasp of most Americans. Even if we survive the onslaught (and that is by no means guaranteed), our Nation will be dealing with its consequences for decades to come. In like manner, the federal spending spree portends eventual extreme hardship and deprivation, coupled with the empowerment of such hostile regimes as Iran and their terrorist minions.

America is at a crossroads, and Representative Matt Gaetz has just taken a courageous stand by which he shows us one possible avenue of recourse. It is now up to Freedom Caucus members, and all Americans who love their Country, to stand firmly with him and carry forward the torch of government “Of, By, and For the People.”

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    Roscoe Sandstone

    Oh, how romanticized is your drooling babble. You sound like this nation has all the time in the world, that we can sit back and pick at the Democrats. The Democrats are acting like there isn’t a GOP on the planet, because they know that what is left of any GOP has been turned into a gaggle of hand wringing housewives. Your piece is just another in a long litany of GOP whiners holding on to their leaking loins and meekly crying, “B-b-but somebody should do something.” Sorry chump, but you’re just another squeal among the dead and dying.

  2. I think this article pretty much sums up the truth about Matt Gaetz. I have been watching Matt for years along with DeSantis when they would appear on the Lou Dobbs show. I support Matt 100% and I suggest we all be contributing to him and Pres. Trump for 2024. Couldn’t be prouder of his bravery.

  3. 1)term limits
    2) spending limit amendment, not a balanced budget amendment.
    3)abolish entire depts. that are not in the constitution and get rid of career bureaucrats.
    unfortunately that will never happen.

  4. Dear Mr Adamo, I’m glad to know I think and mean well , when I stand up for the Truth in anything and everything. Ironic I wasn’t borne in The U.S. but 38 years ago, I decided to come to our Nation and become in American. My beautiful Mother and Family had the opportunity to meet President John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline , both women got alone by the gracious distinctive beauty , elegance and education. My mother was fascinate by the word’s of President Kennedy ” Is not what the country can do for you , but you can do for the Country”. Short history my family collapsed so it was the family business, in everything around us. I do have very clear, what’s to have everything and lost everything from a very early age. In my first opportunity to fly out from my original country with a multiple visa to the U.S, I told myself not look back , focus on learning the Constitution of my new Country respected and protected under One God One Flag . It was not easy but I worked myself up to the point to follow up all regulations and legal process. On my days to legalize and Nationalize was extremely expensive under very tie Emigration Control, I loved it and respected because made me feel secure. Yes, I’m so proud and joyful to say I’m an American, I love my Nation as much as you, and Yes I agree with you, we as a Country are falling down into a large desperate situations to maintain stability. “We the People” are going blind, taking the steps of evil forgetting our values and principles with high priorities, we are losing the respect and responsibility to honor our Independent “Family Unity” at home to be able to prevent and preserve the basis foundation of our society and Nation. Unfortunately “We the People” from the middle decent class of citizens are the ones to take the direct Hit from the Economic, Health, Medicare , Social Security and Emigration issues totally out of control , we are not longer safe. Our income and savings are not enough to maintain a normal quality safety life. Our Liberty to speak out the truth is now a very dangerous issue.

    God bless us all.
    Bella k.

  5. Rush explained it years ago.
    Freshmen congressmen were shown into
    the office of the senior leaders and told,
    “Either do as you are told, vote as your told or
    your office will be a broom closet, you’ll get no money
    for staff, and you will be primaried with infinite money
    by us.” It’s corrupt to the core, and voting is useless
    against it.

    1. The freshman can’t be that stupid. For the last decade, our country has been going through a metamorphosis from the strong country to a weak country, led by the left. We are certain to reach that breaking point sooner than later. Our country needs a strong leader. Anyone seen Donald Trump lately?

  6. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan

    Fighting for freedom also means holding those in power accountable. Tyranny will always settle in if not held at bay.

  7. Gaetz has shown the backbone and spine that is sorely lacking in the political establishment. Proof of which is the standing ovation he received on Wednesday 10/11 in the Palm Beach convention center with a 3700+ crowd.

    Unless people take note of who is voting for what, and hold their congressmen accountable, we will continue to experience the government we have thus far and ultimately, deserve for our inaction.

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