The Names Behind the “Deep State”

Perhaps you have heard of the “Deep State,” a term that has become a popular phrase in the U.S. context to describe the shadowy forces behind the scenes seeking to manipulate American government, primarily, but also other sectors of society. Typically, those who use the term are referring to unelected bureaucrats, intelligence agencies, and others within the “permanent government.”

The establishment swamp is a direct threat to America’s constitutionally bound republic and must be exposed.

Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel founder and CEO, shares the receipts on the people behind the Deep State and is naming names at General Mike Flynn and Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

1 thought on “The Names Behind the “Deep State””

  1. This is a very good article of what is really going on .I would bet that Matt Gaetz will not survive I hope that he does but the negative vibes are all over the place about him what a devious bastard he is and all the typical BS from the RINOs and the communists .The long knives are out and I guess he will get gutted sooner than later. The likes of Ken Buck and Bacon from Nebraska will seal his fate I think. Buck is a Deep state RINO from Colorado and believe me he is a RINO he was once the head of Co republican party and he was a disaster which the party has not yet recovered .

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