Unique Prison Ministry Helps U.S. Political Prisoners

We first came across Rudy Davis while investigating the incarceration of Christian evangelist Kent Hovind, a high-profile creationist whose speeches and debates on Youtube have touched millions. Hovind was imprisoned for 10 years on federal charges that were widely viewed as persecution.

Davis was rallying Christians and working hard to bring attention to the case. It was clear that Davis was a godly man with a passion for his brothers and sisters in Christ, and for people imprisoned unjustly. He is just as busy as he was back then, but with new cases.

As Davis points out, Jesus Christ commands the saints to remember our brothers and sisters in bonds. Prison ministries are incredibly important, and Davis has a unique ministry in this field that deserves to be known by Christians across America.

We caught up with Davis to ask about his ministry, some of the prisoners he is working with, and what Americans who are interested can do. What follows below is the unedited transcript of our interview with him. Please read it, visit his websites, and pray about it.

Please tell us about your ministry involving prisoners:


Erin and I have a small non-traditional Christian prison ministry that meets Saturdays, maintains a website at YearOfJubile.com (aka IHateTheFBI.com) and uploads letters and phone calls from prisoners at LoneStar1776.com youtube channel. The video HERE is our best effort at explaining our ministry. My wife and I have lost all faith in the criminal justice system and no longer believe that change will come from within a corrupted system. We have dedicated our lives to advocating for unjustly incarcerated prisoners to not only collect and share information about their case but to maintain communications throughout their incarceration to let them know they are loved and not abandoned.


-Why did you decide to start this ministry?


Imagine you witness a terrible car accident ahead of you. A big 18 wheeler ran a little red car off the road and didn’t even stop. You walk up to the mangled little red car on the side of the road and speak to the driver through the glass but you can’t get the door open or break the windows to set the driver free. You have knowledge of the accident and you don’t think the little red car was at fault. So, why did I start this ministry? Because, my wife and I simply cannot walk away from the drivers of the little red cars who keep getting run over.


-What are some of the worst cases of injustice you’ve seen in doing this?


That is a fair question. However, it is difficult for Erin and I to name just a few cases of injustice because there are so many. Believe me, we do realize that there are bad people in prison for heinous crimes. Of course, not everybody is innocent. However, we have 2.3 MILLION people incarcerated in this country and the system is corrupted beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. If anyone still believes they will get a fair trial by a jury of their peers in America, they are sadly mistaken. Our criminal justice system profits from incarcerating as many people as possible. It has become a conviction factory and big business. YearOfJubile.com has a webpage for each of the people below and these are some good cases to mention in response to your question above.


Amy Gonzalez – A Texas nurse who has been sentenced to LIFE in prison for a new law called INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING RESULTING IN DEATH. In actuality, Amy has been sent to prison for the crime of her dad and her case would be unbelievable if it were not true. Amy’s case has ramifications for free speech and all of America. www.yearofjubile.com/amy


David Hinkson – I refer to David as America’s most provably innocent political prisoner sentenced to 43 years in America’s worst prisons on the testimony of only one man. This convicted perjurer, valor thief liar named Elven Joe Swisher was shamed nationally on FoxNews and should have had no credibility with the jury in David’s trial. www.yearofjubile.com/hinkson


Schaeffer Cox – A young liberty advocate who was a rising political star and targeted by the feds and placed in an abominable CMU prison. He was sentenced to 26 years but is now re-sentenced to 15.5 years. The prosecution is asking for more time. www.yearofjubile.com/cox-%231


Jeffrey Weinhaus – A journalist exposing corruption and was entrapped by the MSHP in a failed attempt to murder and silence Jeffrey. The details of his case are so unbelievable that even a movie would have a hard time making his case believable. The murder attempt was caught on video and two 40 caliber hollow point bullets bounced off Jeffrey’s head and two went through his chest. In the kangaroo court, Jeffrey was fitted with an 80,000 volt shock collar to keep him silent in front of the jury and Jeff got 30 years in prison for not dying after he was shot by the cops. www.yearofjubile.com/jeffrey


Yorie Von Kahl and Scott Faul – Both men never received a fair trial and have been incarcerated for 37 years. The documentary Death and Taxes are critical to understanding their case. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no evidence that either of them shot to harm the police who violently confronted Gordon Kahl. www.yearofjubile.com/yoriscott


Free Lazor – Free shot an intruder in self-defense in his own home who was carrying a meat cleaver, before the castle doctrine, and has spent 37 years in prison. www.yearofjubile.com/free


Chris Moltz – Chris was 19 years old and told a gang of thugs that someone’s house had drugs. The gang of thugs went to rob the house and a person was murdered. Chris does not claim to be innocent. Chris should not have had that conversation with the gang of thugs. Chris understands this. However, Chris did not intend or instruct anyone to murder anyone. Chris was given more time than El Chapo and Chris is serving LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for a conversation that he had 22 years ago. www.ChrisMoltz.com


I could go on and on. The number of cases in America of political prisoners and overly sentenced prisoners and unjustly incarcerated prisoners just keeps getting larger and larger.


-What are some other cases you’d like to draw attention to?


I encourage everyone to look at the prisoners on the front page of YearOfJubile.com.


Philip Zodhiates sentenced to 3 years for driving a friend to the airport www.YearOfJubile.com/philip


Russell Landers sentenced to 49 years for his non-violent involvement in the Montana Freemen. www.YearOfJubile.com/russell


Anthony Troy Williams not sentenced yet and has waited 3 years with no trial. Anthony was exposing banking and mortgage fraud. www.YearOfJubile.com/anthony


Ed & Elaine Brown, Daniel Riley and Jason Gerhard – Ron Paul called them heroes when they said “Show me the Law” to the IRS. These four brave people stood up to the IRS and have paid dearly. They all deserve our support. www.YearOfJubile.com/edelaine


Texas Congressman Steve Stockman – Setup and entrapped by the FBI and DOJ on charges similar to Dinesh D’Souza. Case is similar to US Senator Ted Stevens. www.YearOfJubile.com/steve


Gary Northington wrote a book exposing Satanic Ritual Child Abuse before John De Camp’s book titled The Franklin Coverup. www.YearOfJubil.com/gary


There are so many more that are deserving of attention just on our website. We realize our website is but a drop in an ocean of unjustly incarcerated men and women.


-What’s been the most rewarding part of what you do?


By far, the most rewarding part of our ministry is to receive a grateful letter or a phone call from a prisoner. The rare instance when a prisoner is set free is a glorious day indeed and cause for great celebration. The bible commands us in Hebrews 13:3 and Matthew 25 to remember those in bonds. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are con-artists in prison who just want to communicate with an outsider to take advantage of their kindness. Prayer and discernment and getting a PO box are important when communicating to prisoners.

-What can people do to help in their own communities or nationally?


Let’s face it, most people do not care about prisoners. Or if they do care about prisoners, they only care about prisoners who belong to their ethnic, political or religious sect. Typically, when you read a biased article in the controlled press about someone who has been caught in a crime and incarcerated, most people tend to think it is true. The vast majority of people are more than willing to believe and consent to punishment of criminals in our society whom they know very little about, except what they read from controlled CIA media. The politicians run on a platform of “TOUGH ON CRIME”. How about they run on a platform of being “RIGHT ON CRIME”. Everyone should be educated about jury nullification at www.FIJA.org. Prison abuse by solitary confinement and other methods is a whole other topic worthy of research and discussion.

The second most widely read book in the English language is Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. There is a chapter titled “The Trial at Vanity Fair” where Christian and Faithful are put on trial. Our society gives erroneous respect to long black robes, prestigious courthouses and titles such as lawyers, attorneys and forensic experts. Many times we see minions of Beezlebub act out their roles just as described in the book Pilgrim’s Progress.

What can people do to help? The answer to that question begins with having a heart that cares enough to look deeper into a matter than just what you are being told by the DOJ, FBI and attorneys. Don’t be afraid to write to the prisoner and ask them the tough questions about their case. Once you become truly educated on what really happened with an unjustly incarcerated prisoner, God and your conscious will lead you forward.

WARNING: Caring for unjustly incarcerated prisoners will have an effect upon your life and your heart. Doing the right thing is not always the most comfortable thing.


-How and why did you get involved with Kent Hovind’s case? 


My wife wrote Kent Hovind a letter in prison and the letter included our phone number. Kent Hovind called our house from prison and I had this idea to record his voice for others to hear and ask Kent questions on how his supporters could help him. Kent is a naturally good speaker and he started talking into the recorder and explaining his case and how people could support him. It just ballooned from that point to multiple phone calls from prison almost daily for a six-month period until eventually God set Kent Hovind free in a federal case which has a higher than 98% conviction rate. It was truly a miracle when God set Kent free from prison.

Kent’s case demonstrated that God’s people can make a difference when they unify and pull in the same direction with prayer, fasting and protests. We learned a great deal as we advocated for Kent Hovind both about how the enemy operates and also the sinful nature of men and even the ugliness seen from fellow Christians when fighting the establishment.


-Tell us about you and your relationship with Christ:


My earlier life was spent chasing a dollar and trying to be successful in a worldly way. I have an electrical engineering degree from Southern Methodist University with a minor in mechanical engineering. I worked for Texas Instruments for 10 years and for Cisco Systems for 20 years with a double CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) both in ATM and Routing and Switching. My previous wife Pamela got cancer and died at home in my 40s. That really caused me to consider what is important in this world. I remember believing in evolution not because the science was so convincing but because everyone around me in my job and social circles just accepted it. I started to question evolution and other so-called truths about the world I live in. I was listening to an audio book of John in the King James Bible on the way to work one day. While driving down the road and listening to how Jesus was crucified for my sins, it hit me that the bible is true and what Jesus did on that cross was for me and anyone who will accept His gift of eternal life. Instead of being constantly critical of the bible, I started to read the bible with a yearning for truth and wanting to learn what the Creator had to say. I actually began to trust and believe in the Holy Bible as a guidebook for my life. Later on, God brought Erin into my life and I now consider myself the most blessed man on earth. Erin is a very special woman and she is a gift directly from the Lord.


-How do people learn more and get involved?


We have created a free resource library at www.YearOfJubile.com which crowd sources help for unjustly incarcerated prisoners. Subscribe to our weekly mailer which is sent out every Friday morning. Take a look at these prisoners and consider writing them a letter. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, ask the prisoner how they are doing, and ask them any questions that you may have about their case and send them some encouraging bible scripture. Many times, we have collected a small library on each prisoner so you can review that material as well. We have a weekly recorded and published phone call every Saturday and you can dial-in just to listen and or contribute. We always open up in prayer, read some bible passages and then open up for discussions on prisoners. All Christians are welcome to attend the Saturday phone calls. We are commanded to remember our brothers in bonds. Our Lord says:


Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.





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    Mr. and Mrs Dennis Gomez

    Excellent article…thank you for writing it!! Rudy and Erin are very special folks. We are so blessed having them; prisoners are especially blessed! They are so much and express that caring sacrificially!! We are honored to know them.

  2. RUDY AND ERIN LOVE JESUS AND TRUTH. Their calling is a tough one.
    I pray for their ministry to bring healing to the lost and forgotten. May the innocent be set free.

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    Snoop Fourtruth

    Not everyone who claims to be a patriot or a political prisoner is as advertised. Sometimes they are the opposite.

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